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Smoky Blue's Vendor Zone

This thread can be used for my sales, discounts and other info as needed! :slight_smile:

Thank you @daath now I have a permanent spot I can keep up with :wink:


Maybe I should put some of the solos up on my site, @Gsnap
I have the flavor packs up now… as well as my shots…


Link: https://flvfan.com/

You can always drop me a pm… I wont be certain on price… but size can go from 15ml and up… :wink:

Im still working on the site and new books are coming… One of these days I hope to add back on with my flavor notes and other notes and notes of notes and yeah… :slight_smile: I got slammed the last week with lab work but all is good… this week is busy too… but I am around.


My friend Tristan owns this https://shop.sasaveur.com/
Drop him a message and tell him what you want… he does have permission to mix any of my shots… and he can get a hold of the flavor packs… :slight_smile:


@SmokyBlue, Is your company eventually going to start selling flavors individually? Some of the flavors in the packs I wouldn’t use. I’d have to buy 3-4 of them to get all the flavors I want lmao.

You’re gonna have to create a calculator app to make it easy for us who don’t want to do math anymore lmao. I did have a question though. Can the untra flavors be used in conjunction with the normal flavors?


If I get the time to list some or all, sure! You can send me a list via personal message either here or on fb too with a list. More than welcome…

Nopes… elr’s calculator is more than enough to do the job… :wink: big thanks to @daath

They can… but I am what you might want to call a purist… I prefer to use flv either by itself or with other like companies flavors. Keep like with like… :slight_smile: Up to the mixer, really…

Well, I know you know so If they bill ya twice, hand the cost of it coming to you on to me.

@daath, I’d love to have the elr calc, or please explain it to me? Thanks!

I know :rofl:but I have to use all the others up!!! You got me into making my own sttuff lmao!!! Oh well, I’m sure it was bound to happen. To get such wonderful advice from you is awesome!!! I still have questions about both products. I know you don’t play with the regular flavors anymore. How do you vape such a small sample and get the % right? Each time you check for flavor in, say 10ml you change the ratio with every sample test in the vape. What’s a good ml level of juice to start with and would you add a “base amount” so you don’t test as much while you work up slow with the regular stuff? I know your product’s flavor comes on fast. How much in % do you increase the levels of flav by when you start? What % or weight or % do you increase? I want to get the ultra too but don’t know what % to start with each and what % to increase to move slow? You showed me the scale. what other equipment will I need in order to do it by weight?

@SmokyBlue, I have tons of questions for you about all this. I know you make you own recipes. I know this is your job and your a professional. I just want to make sure I understand how to use your product properly.

I want to do my own recipes but I’m still sorta clueless. I don’t want to waste juice. BTW, I did what you said. I ordered another mod just in case the other 2 break. I have 15 coils for my king beast tank too.

I have a question for you right now also. The coils for my falcon tank are about $17 per 3 pack. Should I pay to get 3 or 4 of them at that price (the falcon won’t be made anymore I think is why so expensive)? That, or throw it away and get another tank???

I guess anyone can answer that for me. I’m a humble padawan Teach master jedi! lol…


Way too many questions! :crazy_face:

ok… for now…

That is up to you… I really believe… personally, you are only as good as the tools you work with. For now, use what you have, and learn how those flavors work. I do think in the long run it will make you appreciate what you have, as well as learn how to mix with newer flavors, once you can pick them up.

Yes I do not say this enough, be especially when you are new to mixing… keep it simple!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I can only help with Flavorah flavors, Doug… it’s been ages since I have messed with lo, tfa, cap, fa, etc… and I do not think you really want my adivse on those… best to make a post on what you have and follow the videos I and others have shared here on taste testing those flavors you have, first.

That question is loaded… :wink:
here again are the videos floating around on elr:

The way I test is using 10ml bottles. If 2 drops of flv is too much (like the cinnamons [rich red and fire] ginger, clove, apline etc) , then I go to 30ml, and if it’s still too much then 60ml… I do not believe in dilutions, for a few reasons: scale flexibility (remember to calibrate your scales, if you can!) and other interferences, such as radios, electronics, even the heat and a/c in your house can easily throw off a reading… and is why I do not dilute.

I do believe in the power of drops, and starting low to work up till you are satisfied. One does not start boiled peanuts with a cup of salt… you sprinkle till the taste is correct. :slight_smile:

I find 30ml bottles are the easiest for most… 60ml is better… as for the “regular stuff” you can use 10ml, but if you use a tank, you will want the minimum of 30ml at least… enough to fill a tank a few times…

I also believe you need to work with drippers or rdas… before putting a juice in your tank… so pick up a few…

That varies by flavor and by recipe… hard to really explain…

Again… 2 drops in 10ml or 6 drops in 30ml for solo flavors, to get the understanding of what that flavor will do for you…

your bottles, flavors and patience :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries! :slight_smile:

Ok right here… let’s all face it… you will not mix “winning juice” every single time. You will have juice you toss out, I do not care if you are a newbie mixer or have been mixing for as long as I have… you will screw things up… do not fret over it… in fact, embrace your mistakes and learn from them. This is called experience, and it will also teach you better than anyone else can. :slight_smile:

ok good… do not forget to pick up a solo rda and a dual coil rda… not much difference in the two, but so you can gain experience on both styles and find what you love to mess with. :slight_smile:

I do not buy prebuilt coils. Too expensive, and I would rather spend funds on flavors, bottles, and nic… :slight_smile: I suggest watch a few youtubes on how to build coils… buy some already wrapped coils and grab some wire, cotton and a good ohm reader… or you can use a mod to read your ohms…

I think that covers your list for now… :slight_smile:

edit: re read this article too… https://flvfan.com/testing-solo-flavors/

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New ebook is out… Creating stones or “oneshots” FREE!

go grab a copy!

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Patience??? I have no plans for a doctorate in any field… I can’t accept any yet :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

RDAs means another tank lol. I will have to hold off on more purchases of tanks and equipment for now. I goska work with what I gosk! lol


@Doug_Comer… it’s been a few… hope you are doing alright and finding your way, Doug… :slight_smile:

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@SmokyBlue, I’m sorry I haven’t pestered you more lmao. I got the PG, the 2 nicotine bottles full, and between working, I made an attempt at 2 small different flavor mixes. They actually turned out!!! (remember, good or bad is a matter of interpretation lmao).

I hope you are doing ok? I figured you were working your mojo on a book and mixes? I have learned I have to compensate for the amount of pg flavors going into making a juice… It gets a little droolish around 45vg\ 55pg…

So yes… still learning!!! and making juice in a cookie sheet now… Juuuussssttt to make sure I don’t race through a roll of paper towels… :astonished: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :astonished: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

I’ll give ya buzz this weekend and see how goes it on your end.


You are fine… was hoping you did not go blow something up… or what not! :slight_smile:

Congrats on your mix, remember, as it ages or steeps, the flavor will come together a bit more. Sounds like you are on the ball with the cookie sheet! Good idea… :slight_smile:

Yes, put a hold on the books, cleaning house, and about to dip into the insanity pool while my son turns 20 yrs old… omg… time sure does fly… Family and friends this weekend, but will be free Sunday night… :crazy_face: and back to the books on Monday…

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@SmokyBlue Is that your youngest or oldest? I have 6 kids so broad spectrum. One one side of the scale, my oldest makes me look very old. on the other side, my youngest makes me look like I’m still old but had a child with a woman to young for me lmao (my youngest is 16).

This weekend I get to continue sewing… I have to alter 3-4 more pair of pants, a carhartt one piece, and fix my tool bag. I lost 30lbs so nothing fits lmao.

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hahaha!! isnt that a good feeling tho, Doug?

He is my youngest, definitely a moma’s boy, but my brother pulls rank for him. :slight_smile:
He is already planning his 21… and I am so like ummm no! :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I got off easy, no birthday cake, but he wanted cookies, so cookies I cooked last night… he is set!

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hahahhaha!!! (trying to learn how to become a seamstress??? lmao). I feel better but my BP is still going up and down like mad. I see the dr about that tuesday. How much you wanna bet he tells me I’m to thin!!!

He specifically said 30-35 lbs… he soooo funnnyyyy (no, not really. He never mentioned anything about learning how to sew!!!).

cookies aren’t bad… when he turns 21… oh boy…

btw… I have like, NO CLUE what prebuilt coils to get. Those are for taste testing right? (This belongs in the “Doug has questions” thread lmao)


I think bp bouncing like that, your body is trying to regulate itself… it will eventually, it’s learning how now.

You need to stay away from the fatty, white sweet things… and sounds like you are doing a fine job!
Btw… men tailors are the best :wink: A dear friend of mine years ago made me a complete black leather outfit and yeps… it was totally awesome! Never did have another one like it. go check your thread… I left a suggestion of the wasp for you… :slight_smile:

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I do a lot more things than just 7 shots, @MysticRose
Atm I am organizing my recipes and creating a few ebooks.
The goal was that my shots rotate out when I can… they will be flipping soon!

Once I get the ebooks done, then my recipes on elr’s other side will straighten out too, maybe!
I do have flavor packs up too, and a sale and giveaway is coming this weekend.
Shipping on the flavor packs can range from 3 days up to 10… as I do not keep them on hand.

I also have another client I am working with, however they are not ready yet.
I do a lot more than just promoting Flavorah and have been extremely busy. :slight_smile:

@scifoc… not sure why you can’t get on the fb page… drop me a pm and lets get it sorted?
I do have a group going, but because I have been busy… its dead quiet… I hope I can get all my work done so I can play around again… Won’t be long! :slight_smile:

I am also into a lot of other things… I burn wood and build guitars. They only have 1-3 strings, but you don’t need a full 6-8 to have fun! :slight_smile:


Going to aim for tonight, but if not tonight, tomorrow… will have a book or 2 more up on the site, and
the shots will be flipped tomorrow… as well as a few coupons… and will be announcing where the contests will be… a lot of work tonight, will see how far I get! :slight_smile:


Valentine’s Day contests…

If you have issues seeing the contests, dm me… :slight_smile:

One for the ELR group, and one on my FLVFan page…

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