Starting a new e-liquid business

I’ll keep this short since writing words today is hard.

I like your price point for the 4 5ml bottles accounting for time to mix if each recipe is unique.

I’m not a fan of your 50ml price if you want to be competitive with doing it yourself.

I wouldn’t be a fan of your company posting recipes from ELR without the creator providing it.

I don’t see harm of a customer bringing you a recipe saying mix “xyz” for “x” amount of pounds…this would be a service and see the difference between posting recipes direct from elr.

As for monetization for the creator…dollars/pounds are what count. Giving a creator points is useless…I can’t use points to buy more supplies and upgrade my own setup.

As a side note you are going to get snarky and negative feedback in this thread and please understand that it starts with the commercial side just completely taking recipes. Can they do it…and kind of get away with…sure…will the community turn their back on you…yup.


Who starts a business without business plan? and no I’m not talking 5 pages either :wink:


Noted. I will review the price of the 50ml. I will check for what options are available regarding money instead of rewards (only for creators, the system will be the same for customers)

Me, or any other person connected to me will not a post single recipe from ELR.

even then, if a creator wants the recipe back. we will transfer the ownership back to the creator when they join. although it can only be done for a limited period. because you can imagine that an original but duplicate recipe is created. in that case we will be taking the recipe from the rightful owner. not only that is not fair, but you can imagine the hassle that will cause. But I guess I will have a better idea of how to resolve this matter when and how it pans out. but it will be part of our Ts&Cs the fact that the ownership of a recipe may be transferred to the original creator. In short, the sooner the ELR creator let’s us know, the better.

In terms of recipes, it will never be claimed by us (again it will be in our Ts&Cs) and the creator can do with the recipe as they wish. However the creator can not claim for the recipe to be taken of the site. Again I will know more about legal aspects as I start working on legal stuff. Also we have the right to take any recipe of the site, for safety reasons for example, a;though you can still have keep it in private mode.


This thread is strange @Dan_the_Man lol…@Ashkan I love the vape community DIY especially . With all my love and passion I have I wouldnt invest a penny in the industry right now … Good Luck , just remember to be honest about the recipes , there have been many companies that have xome along and poached fron these type of sites and they rarely succeed bc of it …


Noted. Thanks for your input @fidalgo_vapes.


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Haha actually the thought of attempting to control vape juice recipes as intellectual property while in full flight of humanities information revolution, where musicians, porn stars, software developers, and the deepest level of government and military intelligence have all but given up on their futile attempts at curbing the un-ownable flow of information. I get the vibe that you have training or experience in marketing. That realm more than any other has adopted the new model of ‘just give it away for free, and they will come’ But seriously rather than brainstorming on your rules, try to imagine the ‘what if’ scenarios. Are you going to file lawsuits, disputing original authorship? They would still be civil, not criminal law suits, so compensation is the most anyone will(never) get.
The closest anyone gets these days to owning their invention is via obfuscation and disinformation(and plenty of jargon). last thing: i believe another attempt is in the works of incorporating smell into information technology. Some sort of device that everyone will have along with their phones and laptops that will create scents out of binary digits. I would suggest getting friendly with whoever is working on that. That I would pay more than the 50 pence for 100ml or whatever it doesn’t cost me to mix my own juice. good luck!


I like where you went with your comment. Great insight and practical advice.


dont let the OP abuse the forum for marketing research

as said by @Josephine_van_Rijn Starting a new e-liquid business?

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This thread has been booted to @daath for review. :wink: But, please carry on… opinions, for now, should flow like wine at a bacchanal festival.


every day since I started thinking about the business, which as I said in the post was about three months ago.


I’m curious about your market. Will it be the EU and the UK? How many vapers are there? How many do diy right now? I would venture a guess that in the US no more than 5% currently do so. That’s still a large number but I would think that most of them have already figured it out and are able and content doing it.


I’d join a Kick$tarter campaign for a new Smellophone! :evil_grin:


Who is trying to control the flow of information? Flow of information and intellectual property rights are two separate things, although related. But anyway here is what I have to say based on what I understand. From the little I know so far is that anything that is created by any human is already protected to some small extend by some sort of intellectual property rights, but you can always get more protection for your products if need be. also multiple parties can have joint ownership of the product. (legal matters are not yet fully considered as they are still in the future in the business plan timeline) if you go to Intellectual property and your work: What intellectual property is - GOV.UK it states that:

Intellectual property can:

  • have more than one owner
  • belong to people or businesses
  • be sold or transferred

Intellectual property rights allow you to make money from the intellectual property you own.

we only control what is shown in our website. we will remove recipes from very rarely, for example for health concerns. But other joint owners can do as they please with the products, although there are some more rules about what each joint owner can or cannot do.

I have no marketing background. Although I did make a game back in 2017 I think. It generated a lot of buzz and then failed miserably :upside_down_face:. it was called (rather cheeseily/melodramatically) Unfaithful Skies. I shared it on 9GAG and it got featured. The game was mostly for my CV but I didn’t mind getting paid for the 10 months I had invested in. especially that I had been working for 9 months at this point without pay. I was an intern for the first 6 months but was supposed to be paid after that period, but our boss turned out to be a charlatan who didn’t pay any of the interns and there was a mass exudes including me, with the positions being filled with new interns from all over Europe (including me) to work in a beautiful country like Malta. So I was short on cash and was hoping to make some money from the game. But when the game got traction, I got to excited and also the money thing caused me to rush things out before the game was ready. That is my only marketing background.

don’t know if you have seen the latest Neuralink press conference, it is the most exciting thing happening right now imo.

How are you making 100ml for 50 pence???


It is currently, and for the foreseeable future, only for UK vapers. Although since I started this thread and the feedback, I have been reevaluating priorities regarding creator incentive and some other parts of the business model, which I will share with everyone, hopefully as a vendor by then, if things get sorted out in time

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Thanks @Kinnikinnick

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Now that the UK has left the EU do you think they will revise their vaping laws?


The UK Laws on e-liquids are more relaxed than their European counterparts. so I can imagine if anything, I would think now that the UK can’t vote, maybe EU laws get tougher than here in the UK. and regarding the regulations in the UK, who knows tbh. That’s also one of my big worries. but according to the latest report published by government, vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking so I think the outlook is positive.


Good luck.


Do I need a licence to sell e-liquids?

The website states that retailers do not need to submit details of the products that they sell unless they also qualify as a producer (see above).

Regulations dictate that producers of e-liquids or e-cigarettes must submit information about their products to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) before their products are able to be sold:

• A notification to the MHRA must be submitted 6 months before the product is intended to be put for sale in the UK
• Products can only be sold in the UK once they are published in the list of submitted products

For retailers it is advisable to ensure that products you source meet these requirements by checking that the products you are sourcing have been notified to the MHRA.

There is a useful guide for retailers produced by the MHRA which may be worth referring to if you currently run or are planning to set up a new vape shop.

Further information on the whole process for both retailers and producers can be found on the website here.