The NEW new Billet Box / Boro / Bridge thread

Hey guys, I’ve seen an increasing amount of discussion on these Billet Box / Boro vape setups, and with some confusion, lack of clarity, and more. I reviewed the VV AIO a while back, and despite HATING the drip tip, I had some really good luck with it.

Having no more experience or knowledge with this type of setup beyond the aforementioned setup, was wondering if some of you could go into some more details, maybe even spec out some great boxes, bridges, etc. to help share with the rest of us. Which ones are good for which vaping style, i.e. MTL vs. DTL, etc.

I know @Joel just posted up on one, and I think everyone would like to know more.

Drop it like it’s HOT !!!


I have Tony B’s/VV AIO and I don’t really use it. I don’t like the included bridge and it’s not really my style of vaping. I’m interested to hear peoples experience with them. Great subject!


Billet Boxes are not just for MTL. There are plenty of good DL bridges on the market.


Wasn’t aware of that. That guy just does MTL and I never checked in to them any further.
I really don’t need another rabbit hole to fall into.
Thanks for the info though!


@JasonE414 I’ve only used/tested one Billet Box styled setup …

… and although it might not have been cutting edge, it was pretty good. After reading this, and other posts like it, it appears there is still a LOT of confusion, and/or unknowns about Billet Box aka Boro style vaping.

Maybe it’s time we start a Billet Box / Boro thread, and really start to get people who KNOW them inside and out, to start sharing some of that, including good boxes, bridges, etc., so MORE people can be brought into the fold on them.


Well, if you want authentic, the used market is a good place to go. I used to go on Facebook to find used bridges, but most of the time you’re buying them at Cost. Plus shipping depending on how luxurious they are. I guess there’s a lot of new bridges out that are more affordable, but 2-4 years ago you’d be spending well over 100 dollars USD for one. Atmizoo was the first real company to produce some affordable options, I owned 3 of them at one point, it was called the VapeShell… It was pretty good, easy to build on, not sure if they make them. Just give Atmizoo a search.

I always preferred to support the guys who designed it and for the most part, they’re small batch hence the used price being close to retail value. There was usually a list, for instance I think I was up at 2am or 3am to get on the list for a CHANCE to buy an RBA from either Filipino or Malaysian, not sure.

A lot seem to have airflow pins, so you can tailor your hole to however you want to suck on it. I prefer DL, somewhat restricted, so opt for larger pins… Hellfire Attysmith makes the one I use the most, which would be called the Exocet V2, really nice RBA that one, fool proof.

There’s other RBAs and I think that people clued in that you could make more money if you made them accessible, so the one I’m quite curious about was featured on Vapin’ Bogan’s channel, it’s PCTG Boro with RBA deck built into it, called the Vision RBA.

What drives most people away from it are the boros I find, but I learned as I was branching away from Chinese stuff or clones is that you pay what you get for, SXK (Chinese) Boros, the seal will fall out, or perhaps you have to fuck around getting the hole at the bottom to seal, so getting an authentic one is pricey and sometimes not easily accessible if you get your milk straight from the Cow (billetbox official). But there are alteratives.

The thing with Billet Boxes specifically, is the condensation. You have airflow out the side and depending on the doors you buy, which is a whole other deal in itself. You’re going to get condensation inside, there’s things to remedy that, but it can be sticky at times depending on how much you puff on that thing.

As it becomes more popular, which I see that it has, people are jumping on, but for me, I’m a machining nerd so I guess I just liked seeing what spending that extra money got you and often times if people weren’t happy with the quality the vendor would replace. This is why I liked the crowd, but at least on facebook some guys are real scummy when it comes to deals and things like that, then there’s elitist snobby types which was enough for me to get out.

It’s quite the rabbit hole with accessories though, there’s flush nuts, drip tips, doors, glass for the boro(s), etc… Some people treat trading and selling these as a part time job, because there’s money to be made, especially on stuff that’s pretty hard to get or rare.

SXK is affordable for the Billet Box itself, but there’s quite a bit of quality that comes with authentics, they feel more substantial I guess, little more weighty, the paint years ago was a powder coat and the newer models are a chemical resistant cerakote. Most parts are interchangeable, the threading should be the same and the boros will fit.

If you do buy used, get vouches and then vouches of vouches. I sold an 2019 RPG (Royal Purple Grey) to a fellow and I had taken pictures to show a scratch on the top, the guy claimed that he didn’t see any proof of that and I was essentially scammed out of a 400 dollar setup, so pay attention to names, look at post history and if doing deals, ask others if they’ve dealt with the person.

I got burned buying one as well, I bought one with defects, so I got a deal, but I also purchased what was supposed to be an Authentic bridge and Boro, when getting it I was instantly blocked and couldn’t pull up the peculiar fellows name. That cost me 500 to get a dinged up Orange Billet Box and some SXK stuff. So tread with caution…

Good RBAs I’ve bought:
For a restricted DL, but kinda tricky to wick: Heir RBA

Budget but Quality: I’d go for Atmizoo Vapeshell, the newer styles have airflow pins, but I preferred to use coil placement.

For Ease of use: Exocet V2, this has been my favourite so far, I’ve used about 5 in my time and this one is great, there’s more assembly required, but dead simple to wick and the flavour is great. Excellent DL.

Truss: I didn’t care for this one at all, I found that the posts were tight to the chimney section and if you didn’t get your clippers right in there you’d have a short. Maybe I wasn’t careful enough, but most thought out once have a bit of a step on the Pos/Neg posts to avoid that issue. Super cheap, a new one costs about as much as any Chinese RDA.

There’s one or two others, but I’m zonked out on my anxiety pills


Thinking whether to chime in on this 3d or not… joking, but SD is right, hundreds of Boros came out and looks like quite a few people jumped on that train.
Probably because so many boro compatible boxes came out, sometime even better then the OG.
I’ve got a BB but condensation drove me mad, so I had 5 or 6 boros that were just there getting dust, but now with the Cthulu AIO got revived, less (a lot less) condensation got me back.
BTW I’m a sort of restricted DL type.
Just to talk about reliability, on my month holiday I also brought with me the cthulu a Vapesnail and a Grizzly (mesh) we’ll talk about it, this was just to sign in on this interesting thread.


I appreciate it @Iv3shf. Maybe what we need (also), is a in the know Billet-er/Boro-er to drop like 3 combinations. Very inexpensive, Mid level, High end, for comparison. I honestly don’t know who make what good, and/or what does MTL, or DTL, or both, etc. I know the original Billet Boxes are supposed to be the higher end, but hearing stories of condensation ??


Too true SD, condensation is what has always bugged BB users, some bridges more then others, but always there one way or another, especially with those cheap sliding doors boros.
I’ve tried everything and if the positive pin is not sealed perfectly (e.g. SXK clones) it f*** the DNA circuit, so much for the BB clones (not cheap neither)
You might be right it could be that " side airflow" not really a winner, happens a lot less with the Cthulu that has an air channel on the front panel.
I’ll think about that 3 combos good idea.


Yeah, because the side is the airflow vent and the bottom pin is also the area where the airflow goes, so you get a lot of pooled up condensation on the inside of your doors. The connection has an o-righ and a plastic washer if i remember correctly, which stops it from going to the DNA60 beneath, but shit happens very rarely…

Often for the Billet Box guys, people would cut sheets of paper towel and lay it down in the boro area to prevent the pool that can suction cup the boro into the device at times.


You can buy doors for the Billet Box that have airlfow out the front, but some of them cost a pretty penny.

Mum’s is a site that makes custom doors and what not, some prices are crazy, some materials are nice… Seems to be the main spot to go for most American folks, still have a pair of clears myself that were around 80 USD at the time.


a drill and some measurements can get you some airflow for clones… The G10 Doors themselves from SXK are like 18 bucks on fast tech, inflation may have driven that up a bit.


Here i am!! :rofl: It’s exactly what I used to do.
At times??? Understatement :rofl:
Joking but true, you need to be a bit careful and pay attention to setups, coils boros and things like that, but if someone likes tinkering, he just needs to find the right bridge/Boro combination builds some experience and manages the way around it, they’re so versatile and I still love them!


That was the appeal for me, if you think coil building is good tinkering, start buying RBAs… Each one has it’s own bit of character and certain things you needed to do to get the best experience, that’s why I love Exocet V2 so much, no fuss no muss, throw in your coil, snip, glow toss in cotton, wet, chimey, test fire and off it goes into the boro. I use the same damn clapton wire, the same wraps and it’s a damn good experience.


I dont understand the high price being charged for them. No little bit of plastic or metal is worth that much.


Well, to break it down, a lot of these small batch people are either renting or running machining equipment out of their own buildings. Renting or leasing costs money, time costs money, energy costs money, materials cost money…

The thing with high end is a lot of these guys don’t make a lot of money doing it, most have other jobs they aren’t just selling 400 billet boxes a year and sitting on a pile of money… They may have a lot of things, but this is just a side hustle for a lot of people.


I’d prefer to support local, made in rather than something from a large country that builds things cheaply and made to break.

Like I said before, a lot of these people making stuff locally or small batch stand by their product and if there’s any issues they will fix. You don’t get that with < sum ting wong company here >


@JustDot_Sam You are being redirected...

These are good, affordable and pretty well made. I used the Vapeshells a lot and they’re pretty easy to build


This will also have RBAs for your UK/EU crowd(s):