The Time Out Corner (Hash it Out)

Nope, no need to drop twice as much $ on equipment.
I stay clear of all that and you know why :wink:

I was told $160 on my recipe page…

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Did you say recipes???

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Shit bro that’s a whole different thread there!! haha

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Meh what the hell…somebody woke the dead, and this thread has just become fun…nothing like a good topical thread derailment with fun facts.


I had no idea he came on here, ballsy for sure! Should we post some quotes? Youtube vids? :wink:

Really? (10 car)[quote=“DarthVapor, post:82, topic:29186”]
I was told $160 on my recipe page…

I was trying to find it but I have too many recipes to scan and he has too many comments!

but yes, it is ridiculous

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Recipe critics maybe?

It’s just something you have to read for yourself, critic…no. Obsession…maybe a little…

I am one of the fortunate ones that has 2 working Xcubes in TC mode…
Even though I have had zero issues, I still hate Smok.
To say the cube is the best on the market… psssst…your ignorance is showing…

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LMAO…Hey, I SAID “I was gonna get SLAMMED” for saying that but DAMN… I didn’t mean to start a RIOT! lol…I just say it as I see it guys!
As I said, I have 3 Cubes and they all work Flawlessly in temp, or Wattage mode, AND as I said, NONE of my Customers have ever brought. Cube back for any reason!!
AND…(lol…a lot of “ands”!) my Cubes are NOT $130!!! They are $89.95!!! They have NEVER been $130!! And will Never BE $130!!! Now I DO have them priced at $116.85 WITH a TFV4 Full Size Kit!!! So please guys, if your gonna “Quote” MY prices, and claim to have been in MY Shop, PLEASE, get your facts straight before posting bad information here, or anywhere else for that matter!
Thanks a bunch Guys and have a GREAT day!!!


Hey 5prock,
When were you at my Shop? I have to ask because I have NEVER had the XCube listed for $130.00 EVER! My XCubes are $89.95!!
Now I DO, however have them priced at $116.85 WITH a Full Size TFV4 Tank Kit to go with it, but NEVER have I had them at $130.00 so I think your confused about who’s shop you have visited, or just have the price confused with something else.
Just wanted to clear that up

Oh…and I just asked Darth if he had been to my Shop and he said NOOOO! Please get your facts straight man!!!

At the least your price tag on that should be more clear. I did state “over $110 for certain”.
And I have been to your shop several times…you might remember me, or not.
Back when you sold Lizard Juice and the ego style kits by Lizard(ive been vaping that long), another time to buy cigars for a buddy who had a child, and several times in the last couple years, one in particular when Just Chill pissed me off and I purchased your RY4 recipe juice.
Ive even gone in there a couple times with beer in hand from a neighboring pub, along with friends, only to walk out for the inflated prices.(convinced now?)
You do have a great selection of mods and tanks, and you even make your own juice.
BUT your prices (aside from juice) are a bit much on your gear…thats why I was so shocked to see you say $22 for the black widow, as thats the only competitive price ive seen in your stable. Me thinks this is a loss-leader…and I find your posts today to be suspect.
Again, nice shop, but the problem is the owner. Just shootin it straight Harry, and calling it as I see it…your reputation precedes you, you’re proud of it and dont care if you piss people off or bad mouth them(to customers even)…ammi right???
And im pretty sure youll take this as a compliment.

PS love the drone videos over Titusville! Ive never seen my city so beautiful.

Well atleast he saved his gas, time and money.
Im sorry, er…glad I was wrong.

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So What? Where is it written in the annals of the “Vape Bible” that you can’t be a “Stinky Cigar Smoker” and be a Vaper as well? And WHO EVER said that a Fine Cigar Shop can’t be a Damn Good Vape Shop as well? LMAO…that’s a funny statement being that no one even HEARD of Vaping as little as five years ago and was virtually non existent a Decade ago, but the good ol down home Cigar Shop has been around for 200 YEARS!! LMAO
SO GET OFF YOUR High Horse Budro…just because people puff on something OTHER than “Vape” in NO WAY diminishes their knowledge of the subject! And Noooooooo, my stuff is NOT “Keystoned”! …far from it! But ya know…I’m not gonna argue the subject with ya Bro…my Numbers ( My Sales) tell the WHOLE Story better than I could EVER argue here! Guess that’s why I’ve been in Business for going on 14 years in the same location… Because I give Horrible deals with my Over Priced Junk and treat people like Buttholes huh? Heh heh…
Do me a favor man…,next time your in my shop, ( and we both know you WILL be, ) make yourself known to me…I would love nothing more than to meet you face to face and quell all of your “doubts/accusations” in person! Anyone can talk the talk online…but can ya walk the walk in person where it’s a lil bit harder to BS each other…hmmmmm ?
C’mon down Bro! I would LOVE to give ya some GREAT Deals to put this matter to REST!!
But when ya do…and you see for yourself just how wrong you were…I want you to post your retraction right here ok? Deal?
That’s only Fair right?
Hope to see ya soon!!!

There will be NO retraction, and I credit you for all that is good about your shop and the best of your videos.
I know what ive seen, and there is a reason why ive not bought the 6 tc devices and 10 tanks I own from you. PRICE
If the price was anywhere near close to right you would have made sales from me and mine…after all we have been IN your shop, and left empty handed.

Anybody can change price tags on a closed sunday and post pics of a display case…so save your time and effort.

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Last post on the matter…
And this is too EVERYONE…
I,vet been in business a very long time…retail business, and any of you that has EVER been in retail knows there is ALWAYS gonna be that very, very Small Minority of people that find fault in EVERY lil thing you do or say…just chronic complainers that will never be happy no matter WHAT you do!
I sell a BUTTLOAD of Vaping Equipment every single day, to a LOT of different people,so you can say what you will, but there is no way I would be in business as long as I have Ben if I inflated prices and treated people like shit! FACT!
Just couldn’t happen! People would eventually get tired of it and STOP coming!
But for EVERY ONE Chronic Whiner, I have 50 AWESOME and Loyal Customers that come back over and over and OVER again! And it’s not to get Screwed!!! It’s because they KNOW they’ll get a Fair Deal, and be treated like a Human Being! Comprende’ ??
And I challenge ANYONE, to come into my shop and see for yourself!
This guy was probably a Smart Ass to me and got it thrown right back into his face and got upset cause he didn’t get his way!
As my sign reads prominently over my cash register…" Act Like an Asshole…you WILL get treated like an Asshole", and I have a feeling this fella challenged that!!!
So as I said…ya’ll C’MON DOWN ( in my best Johnny Jacobs) and see for yourself…

So the compliments went unnoticed?
I guess the straight shooter doesnt appreciate a straight shot?

Look on the bright side, youve now got video fodder and something to talk about to your customers on Monday while your helper lowers the prices.

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