Update on paingawd's state of affairs

Hey all! I’m alive, and more importantly I’m absolutely flabbergasted at the overwhelming support and prayers that have been offered here. As some of you may know, my house was smack in the center of the “Camp Fire”. Well, it’s official-

The two uprights on the left-hand side of the picture are the chimneys that were in my home. A friend of ours is a firefighter with Cal Fire and he asked for all of the family’s addresses so that he could go check on their condition. Every one of them was a total loss. Estimates are coming in as a 90% loss of structures for the town of Paradise. Basically, the town has been wiped out. As residents, this was the fire that we all feared would come. We thought we had dodged the bullet with the Humboldt Fire of '08, but you can only have some much luck, I guess. With all of the devastation and loss of lives, the only silver lining of this whole ordeal is that it started in the morning. Had this begun in the middle of the night, the loss of lives would have been, well…biblical is about the only word I can come up with at the moment.

I’m sorry that I disappeared after making the comment on @SessionDrummer’s post of the videos. Things have been crazy(to say the least) but they’re looking up. We’ve got housing for us and our cats for the moment and are working on getting a trailer to live out of for a while(It’s been procured, just need to wait for delivery) Once that’s settled we can start to regroup a bit more. Most of you may not know that I am disabled and some days typing can be a bit of a chore. With all of the stress, the grief and the lack of sleep my neck and hands have been throwing absolute fits(Thank gawd for plastic cups or else I’d have shattered half of my friend’s drinkware!) I’m not saying this as an attempt to garner anything, save one: the forgiveness of some of the most helpful and kind people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with. I’m floored by your concern and offers of assistance. In this time of loss, hearing these has made my soul glow. Thank you doesn’t even begin to scratch the depth of gratitude. I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten back to any of you yet-Please don’t think of my silence as an aside or a snubbing. I just haven’t got a solid answer for any of you right at the moment. When I do, I will let you know what all is going on.

Long story short? I’m alive, my family is scattered across the north state but safe. My cats are vacillating between scared, pissed, bored and depressed, but they are all with us. Every one of you that is reading this right now, please do me a small favor-Cross your arms and squeeze. That’s a big hug from me.

Love your family like there is no tomorrow, let the person that is trying to merge get into your lane(This is even more important in evacuations, trust me!) Be kind to your fellow human beings or other sentient life forms(Looking at you, @CosmicTruth and @SmilingOgre!) as it just might save both of your lives(Long story for another time perhaps?) Stay excellent all of you-Cheers!


Wow. I guess you just can’t keep some people down. Now I understand you name “Paingawd”. I hope and hope and hope every thing turns out for the good.

I am at a loss except to say Peace, Love and Happiness to you and yours, including your cats.



Jeez bro, you’ve just had one of the worst things happening that could happen. I would still be looking for my head at this point.
Writing something on the forum might not even enter into that lost head of mine.
I’m really glad that your cats are pissed off, at least they are alive as are you and the rest of your family.
And thanks so much for the hug, here’s one back :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: one for every day of the week that is.

PS the hugs are recyclable


Oh wow… I’m so relieved to know you and yours are OK. So very sorry for the loss of your home. It had to be horrifying, getting out of Paradise.

We are praying for you and yours. Hugs back atcha!!


I’m so glad you got out ok. I hope everything will get much better for you. Dont worry about what anyone thinks, just take care of you, your family and your cats for now.


So sorry mate. As said please let up know if there is anything we can do. I shot you a pm LMK when you feel up to it.

Fire is the toughest thing to recover from simply because it means starting from scratch - hopefully you can stay strong. All the best buddy thanks for the update.


I’m more than sad to hear that, and I am glad you all are ok. I have no words …


You had us scared You! Smack dab in the middle of that map :crazy_face:
Have to find a good EDM mix to keep your mind occupied now. Thanks for posting so soon!


oh my goodness!! ive been gone for a bit but i check in here every now and then and im so sad to hear about your loss! Im happy to hear that u survived and cant imagine going thru all that devastation. if theres anything i can do to help im here, just msg me. I have alot of extras laying around here.


Thanks for checking in and being safe, so sorry for your loss. I was hoping for a miracle that did not come, but we are glad you survived it, and we will continue to pray. I’m having a hard time holding it together while looking at your photo :sob: be well.
PS i’ll try to drive better for a time, does that include cussing all those crazy drivers?.


@paingawd, This is terrible!!
Although, we know its not much help, we have a $30 gift code on deck for you (PM us) to get a bit a stuff to hold you over until you can get back to rebuilding.
We wish we could do more for you and we hope you are STAYING SAFE.


@paingawd ok, generally I’m a rather stalwart person, having suffered more than my fair share of tragedy and loss. It takes a lot these days to get me even choked up a bit. But reading your post, seeing all you have lost, and yet you saying you need forgiveness. I don’t have words because they’re all stuck in my throat. God bless you and yours. I’m sure the scene there is devastating. How can I help?


A resounding second from me as well.


OMG @paingawd I’m so sorry I’m almost lost for words. Haven’t lost during hurricanes, home,stuff etc…thank God we still have each other. My whole heart and prayers go out to you and your wife and fur babies. I have no complaints of my own whatsoever. Please let us help you when needed. Feel free to message me if there is anything absolutely anything I can do to help. Man, I can’t even write without my heart breaking. I’m sorry !! Please let me know brother much love goes out to you folks


Damn. I’m so glad that you’re all alright. That’s the important thing. The rest is just stuff.

Yell if you need anything, brother.


That is terrible to hear @paingawd. My prayers go out to you and all that lost life and property in the fires. If I can do anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Man this really saddens me and makes me realize how fortunate I am everyday, because it all can end in a flash.



I can’t even begin to imagine what are you folks going through. At least everyone dear to you is safe which is the most important part


Dang brother, what are you apologizing for??? I’m happy you got out OK and that your family is safe. Can’t imagine the literal hell you and your community went through, but glad you’re still with us. Take care of yourself and know that we all have well wishes for you.


I can’t add much to what all others before me have said… so glad to hear you and your loved ones are OK. Material stuff is replaceable, thank god you got out in one piece.
Can’t do much but wish you well and you get that in heaps.