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Vape Mail 2019


What was the TCR? I have set up a few crown 4 for customers and have used .00092 and it seems to be ok. I can’t find the info anywhere would love to see what they are using.


I’m not sure. The TC just pops up as ss904. I’m no genius but my taste buds are thanking me :joy:


Ah ok so no display as to what the actual TCR is cheers. It is a ripper tank.


Got these a while back to try out. Was on my last leg of my other bases and just broke into em last week. Very pleased, all r smooth and clean. Will order again for bases, very vape friendly company.

Gotta love it when all turns out GOOD!


Only had this a few hours but I’m already lovin it. Easy peasy fill, good power.


Just ordered one from element vape on the 11th can’t wait , my only other squonk was the segeili213 that you had as well


Well all I can say is - buckle up! You’re going to love this thing man. I think the only folks who wouldn’t like it are the same who don’t like things like the Reuleaux or Gbox due to the size. It’s not small.


I didn’t mind the RX200 , it was one of my first mods … I havent squonked a lot but thats bc I’m lazy …


Alright @SthrnMixer break that big fat black thing down for me, because you had me at “… comes great simplicity”.


Mmmmmmm, me likie Robert…


Glad you found a review. I was so hoping to avoid the 40k word essay it would take to express what I love about this thing. I was just asked what it is I like so much. Simply put - 2 things. That 10ml capacity, and the no mess top filling. From my perspective it’s a squonking game changer.


Dammit @SthrnMixer , you KNOW me and RDA’s have never gotten along (not all but some squonks included), but I like, like, like what I’m seeing. Only have 2 squonks, and am in n00b status with them. What do you think about topping this off with a …




I blame Rob. It’s his fault, I was just minding my own business, and then he had to drop that TopSide Dual bomb on me. I take no responsibility …


I’ll be happy to accept the blame!! You got a good kit there.

As for that Drop Dead, I really like that one a lot. Guess it’s the airflow because to me (and I know I’m in the minority here) the Drop just sucked. This is vastly improved.


Thank you much! @Vaptio_official.

Won lottery, shipped (with tracking#), arrived, happy. :partying_face:

Will have to try and hack some black lights onto this. :alien:

Will test and preform an alien autopsy, and see how these alien pods work. :rofl:


Did you get the mesh coils with it.

Ps if the answer is no grab some asap and prepare for some awsome


Congrats @Freddie3. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip @eStorm. Liion wholesale was just over half of what I’d pay here in Canada! Good thing I had them sent to my aunt in the states or with the shipping would of not been much of a savings!


Woot, finally got my @Nicotine_River ordered Dec. 31 but well prepared for the wait. Thks for throwing in some?holy smokes Batman!, Butter Pecan (Silverline)(CAP), i do that right?:laughing: While checking things in i noticed French vanilla v1 (CAP) why? and no VC v1 cap which i need. No offense but i really hoped it was NR that f’d up but it was me and ordered wrong, don’t suggest ordering anything on New Year’s Eve!! :cocktail:

Quick Q tho, how to list the French Vanilla v1 (CAP) as there is that, 3 recipes, and plain French Vanilla (CAP), 39827 recipes, ill list it as French Vanilla (Cap) but am curious as to how @Sprkslfly plans to handle the V! in general.

Updating flavor naming conventions (an update from Sprks)