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Vape Mail 2019


Got these a while back to try out. Was on my last leg of my other bases and just broke into em last week. Very pleased, all r smooth and clean. Will order again for bases, very vape friendly company.

Gotta love it when all turns out GOOD!


Only had this a few hours but I’m already lovin it. Easy peasy fill, good power.


Just ordered one from element vape on the 11th can’t wait , my only other squonk was the segeili213 that you had as well


Well all I can say is - buckle up! You’re going to love this thing man. I think the only folks who wouldn’t like it are the same who don’t like things like the Reuleaux or Gbox due to the size. It’s not small.


I didn’t mind the RX200 , it was one of my first mods … I havent squonked a lot but thats bc I’m lazy …


Alright @SthrnMixer break that big fat black thing down for me, because you had me at “… comes great simplicity”.


Mmmmmmm, me likie Robert…


Glad you found a review. I was so hoping to avoid the 40k word essay it would take to express what I love about this thing. I was just asked what it is I like so much. Simply put - 2 things. That 10ml capacity, and the no mess top filling. From my perspective it’s a squonking game changer.


Dammit @SthrnMixer , you KNOW me and RDA’s have never gotten along (not all but some squonks included), but I like, like, like what I’m seeing. Only have 2 squonks, and am in n00b status with them. What do you think about topping this off with a …




I blame Rob. It’s his fault, I was just minding my own business, and then he had to drop that TopSide Dual bomb on me. I take no responsibility …


I’ll be happy to accept the blame!! You got a good kit there.

As for that Drop Dead, I really like that one a lot. Guess it’s the airflow because to me (and I know I’m in the minority here) the Drop just sucked. This is vastly improved.


Thank you much! @Vaptio_official.

Won lottery, shipped (with tracking#), arrived, happy. :partying_face:

Will have to try and hack some black lights onto this. :alien:

Will test and preform an alien autopsy, and see how these alien pods work. :rofl:


Did you get the mesh coils with it.

Ps if the answer is no grab some asap and prepare for some awsome


Congrats @Freddie3. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip @eStorm. Liion wholesale was just over half of what I’d pay here in Canada! Good thing I had them sent to my aunt in the states or with the shipping would of not been much of a savings!


Woot, finally got my @Nicotine_River ordered Dec. 31 but well prepared for the wait. Thks for throwing in some?holy smokes Batman!, Butter Pecan (Silverline)(CAP), i do that right?:laughing: While checking things in i noticed French vanilla v1 (CAP) why? and no VC v1 cap which i need. No offense but i really hoped it was NR that f’d up but it was me and ordered wrong, don’t suggest ordering anything on New Year’s Eve!! :cocktail:

Quick Q tho, how to list the French Vanilla v1 (CAP) as there is that, 3 recipes, and plain French Vanilla (CAP), 39827 recipes, ill list it as French Vanilla (Cap) but am curious as to how @Sprkslfly plans to handle the V! in general.

Updating flavor naming conventions (an update from Sprks)

Checking my e-mail got me further confused!! They said i left VC V1 in the cart, how the F did i do that??:crazy_face:


I got my order in on the 14th and I ordered on the 1st. Got everything exactly as ordered, :joy: no samples for me though :disappointed: Already got the VG into my 1 gallon glass jugs.


Looks like someone is going to be BUSY @jerry13 !!!