What box mod to get

So I’ve been using an istick 30 since I started vaping in January. I like it, but it’s time to upgrade. I just bought a billow v2 and want a box mod. The problem is the more I look, the more I want to buy. I’d like to get temp control, and wattage anywhere from 60 to 200 watts. The 3 I’ve got my eye on now are:

SMY 60 watt TC mini


Smok XCube 2

iPV3-Li 165W (FW update bumps it to 200 watts w/titanium support)

If you had to pick one of those, which would you get (or something different)? I really like the XCube 2, but the con I have is that it cannot be charged via usb, so I would need to get 4 batteries (IDK if the IPV3 can charge via usb). Then I would always have 2 ready to go. The SMY device is nice because it’s got quite a bit of features, it’s small, and is like $55. If anyone has some advice I’d love to hear it.

I can only speak for the Xcube 2 and I love it! I have a lot of reviews/comments about it on a few different threads if you care to read. Otherwise I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have

to name a couple :wink:

If you go to the 2nd link’s actual thread there are a few more things I believe I said as well—Hope that helps

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Thanks Darth. I’m really leaning towards the Cube. What kind of batteries do you have, and what charger did you end up with? Any thoughts on battery life? I’m kinda confused on titanium support also. Does it really cost money to have it unlocked? I saw in one of your threads you bought it unlocked though.

In one of the threads it mentioned that charging via usb would take a long time, which makes a lot of sense. So, I’m not too concerned about having to use a charger.


You can view below and see what’s trending. I would say the IPV4s or the IPV3Li. IMO they are the best currently on the market. No gadgets, simple operation and vapes like a beast. I have 6 TC mods and the IPVs are the best of all I own.

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You cannot charge through the usb…at all, so who ever said that was very much wrong.
As far as unlocking goes, its really stupid honestly the way they have SOME of them set up. I bought mine through vapenw and TC WAS unlocked as far as titanium goes tbh I don’t know if that was unlocked on mine or not. I have heard from some people they unlocked theirs for $3 via the app…again, strange and stupid. I dont use titanium…yet…so I cannot answer that but I can check and get back to you
I was coming of of a eleaf 50watt which was nice since no batteries/charger required…these are the most current batteries I have bought so far and after using the mod all day im about half battery life as of now;

LG HE2 IMR 2500mAh 35A Rechargeable Li-Mn LGDBHE2 18650 Battery Flat Top
I bought them from a friend’s ebay but here is a similiar link (trusted seller)

This is the charger I bought;
NEW Nitecore D2 Digicharger Charger for Li-ion Ni-MH for 18650 14500 18350 16340 AA

Im sure there are some other options but for $60 and the fact you can upgrade it…no brainer for me and I have had zeero issues

Single batteries and TC is not a good combo… I learned that with the Sig 75w TC. I used it 3 days and put it back in the box. I don’t recommend it for heavy vaping.

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I concur. I have the iStick TC40W - “Battery life” is not good.

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I was contemplating getting one, but I’m still on the fence. It’s been a proven fact, first runs of mods have their bugs. But half the owners love it and half don’t. I think you were fortunate to get one with no bugs… but it’s starting to sound like a crap shoot. I’m gonna wait and see how it all pans out. I also need to know about the Ti feature and why the the upgrade is sold separately.

Xcube 2 Reviews

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It certainly looks interesting! I’m gonna review of it soon-ish - there might be a giveaway as well :smile:



I wish I had an answer about the $3 charge on some of them that arent unlocked…some say its the company and they do weird shit like that but I don’t know. Why not just include the $3 in the price? Most places sell it unlocked others dont? I would understand if they originally made just a basic mod and then later made the firmware TC but they released it as a TC MOD? I do know the Ti was something they added later so I understand needing the upgrade but to charge is a bit greedy I guess
All I know is if the post production ones are flawed then yes Im very happy to be the lucky one! I have 1 friend that has one and it works like a charm and another friend just ordered his so we shall see if its a 1 in 3 deal haha
Im also glad I got min for $59!

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I don’t doubt it’s a good mod. All vapers want is a smooth transaction. That’s the only issue for me… not knowing what I would get.

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For what it’s worth and I am not trying to sway anyone one way or another here (we are all big boys) but through the app theres a community forum/help center and the only complaints I am seeing are about the app (which I agree with) and people using TC on their OWN coils. The rest are positive reviews and people saying "finally a tc device that actually works on the tc coils I bought"
So it could be user error on the rebuild tc coils or it could be the mod? Again…for what its worth…it’s pretty much a live forum because I rarely trust vendors review boards. When ever I have posted something negative in a store’s site it miraculously never appears on their site…
Also I am now seeing some people saying since the 1.07 update their issues are fixed? Seems to be people on rebuilds? Ill keep looking cause now im curious haha
People are having issues with coefficiency settings…again seems like user error and people not fully grasping the coefficiency rate of their wires?
I should point out I do not use any rbas/rebuilds…Im currently using the TC .15 coil that came with my crown so I cannot personally comment on the rebuild success on this mod sorry
Seems a lot of people rate the entire mod on the app too…the app sucks but not required for operation, especially since the recent update that now puts coefficiency settings on the mod itself. The app just sucks ass haha but that’s not what I bought this for. Others say its android users only and iOS users are flawless…unfortunately I am an android user and I left a nasty comment on the play store cause I hated it so much!

Did the new ipvs fix the charging/touch sensor issues? I was looking into them if I had the $ at the time but with all the different models I didn’t know what were the “good” ones vs the ones with issues? Im only curious cause i do plan on getting another mod later on down the road when budget allows (and wife hehe)

That is the same charger I picked up from illumn.com, seems to work very nicely.

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Yeah I’m glad I picked it up…although I have to give the credit to @JoJo for suggesting it…but WOW this thing is HUGE, I wasn’t expecting that haha.
I had a single litho charger as well but you could imagine the annoyance of charging 1 battery at a time…

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I want one of the new Eleaf Istick 100w box’s after its been out for awhile to see if it has bugs. I’m kind of a simple guy and I dont think I need any of the TC’s.

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Isn’t the eleaf 100 a TC mod? I was curious about this one myself and I don’t care what some people say about eleaf, I am very happy with my 50w. The battery life on my 50 is wonderful! Not to mention it was nice not having to worry about buying batteries, chargers…

I dont think the new Istick 100w is Tc.

Check this site out

I’ve got a 30w and a 50w and like them both. I had my 50w replaced do to bad charging port, but my 30w has been flawless.

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