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Coil Building show offs!


Hey guys and gals.

I just wanted to create a thread where you can show off your latest and greatest coil builds.

After this initial post I will throw some pics of my own builds for you all.

Feel free to post pictures of any types of coils.

Just because some folks build quite extravagant or intricate coils doesn’t mean that a standard coil can’t produce great flavour or look pretty.

I remember how great it felt to wrap my first dual coil deck with a standard dual coil 28g micro coil.


24AWG kanthal
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26/32 Clapton 26 parallel 5 wraps 2mm ID .27ohms

Parallel 26g 9 wrap 2mm ID .46ohms

And some other builds I’ve done.


I wonder which two lads on this forum are going to dominate this thread…hmmm…I wonder …


Here’s a pic of a spaced 26/32 Clapton twisted with 4 wraps at .31ohms.



A couple more.

This build is flavour city!



I went and grabbed a cheapo camera today but if i have something to show off it will be ND’s coils. Amazing some of the stuff he built. Im good for twisted and parallel coils, thats about it.

Looks good fella’s!


I rebuilt my Rampage to take advantage of the bottom airflow.

Rampage style RDA, triple threat with a chance of clouds

You’ve come a long way J.

I have a few to post.


Hey @Ken_O_Where just because you’re using twisted and parallel coils doesn’t mean you can’t show them off too.

One of my lowest ohm and biggest producing coil builds was my .15ohm 2 strand twisted 28g parallel build.

That coil build really produced some clouds.

It says a lot that I actually kept that build in my SS PV for about 2-3 weeks!!

To all you other guys and girls just looking and not posting pics because you may be feeling a little intimidated come on in and post those pics.

Hell I wanted to show off my first ever coil build too. When you find a simple build that really works for you it’s a great feeling.

Take the 26g parallel 9 wrap above, it’s a very simple build with a very simple wire but man o man does it kick out some flavourous clouds!!



Gotta love how that Fused with parallel Clapton coil looks once it’s firing.

And that diamond titanium dual coil!!! Wow!

I’ve got to wind myself some more Clapton wire at some point over the next couple of days.

Might try my hand at a fused Clapton when I do!



Sweet! I’m gonna start posting pics of my rebuilt protank coils!! LOL Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue: These build pics are equally envy-inducing and inspiring. Love it!


Get yourself on RipTrippers YouTube channel and smash yourself in with a diamond 28g coil fitted into your protank coil heads!!!

But hey @JoJo if rebuilding your protank coils gives you immense satisfaction and you want to show them off then I say post away Hun!!!

I’ve only been building coils and playing around with builds since April.

My previous issue has been only having 2 RDA’s and a Nautilus to play around building coils with.

Now I’ve got 4 RDA’s so I can play around with setups a little more.

But I gotta say that I’m really loving the 26/32 Clapton that’s twisted with itself on a 4 wrap.

The looks of the coil build are a bit junky but that’s because I used a spaced Clapton opposed to a tightly wound Clapton wire, it’s quite funny though because the coil build reminds me a lot of barbed wire lol.

I swear it tried to eat up my cotton when I was wicking it lol.



Lol thanks. I wouldn’t say immense satisfaction as much as necessity at the moment. Im house/dog sitting for my sis while they’re on vacation and when they get back, I’m using whatever she gives me to upgrade my setup for sure. 32 ga kanthal is starting to piss me off. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking forward to seeing what all the hypes about and if I can hang with you pros. Hehe


32g kanthal is pretty good in a coil setup once you twist 4 strands together.

I’ve tried wrapping some single 1.8ohm coils with it etc but it just feels like they want to unwind all the time.

Twisted 4 strand though is a different kettle of fish.




Check this out guys.

First up is a tight wrapped 24/32 Clapton twisted. 4 wrap on a 3mm ID.

Second up is a fused Clapton with 2x24g cores with 32g wrap and 24/32 Clapton in parallel 5wrap on a 2mm ID.

Man o man are fused claptons hard to straighten out lol. But I got there.



These are awesome man …I think your about to take a ride to flavor town


I’m going to put the twisted Clapton in my mutation x in about 5 mins and see what she’s reading.

Then I might add the fused build into my Stillare and do the same.

Thanks for the like, I didn’t see my wife for about 2 hours this evening while I was working on wrapping these wires lol.

I made about 6ft of 24g core wires.



I hope they are worth it …do you own a comfy couch ?


very nice!!!



I was working at the dining room table as the lighting is better.