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Beadalon spool tamer - if you haven’t heard about it

I recently ordered more beadalon spool tamers and it occurred to me probably a bunch of people still don’t know about these things. I’ve never met another vaper who did so I thought I’d post about them in case it’s helpful.

Here’s a link to where I got them in the U.K.(and so you can see - there’s a video) - I previously paid quite a bit for a multipack on Amazon in the USA but maybe a craft shop has them cheaper there.

I’m really sorry if this is something everyone here knows about. Just trying to help!


put 2 of them together for the larger spools


Very nice @Aphonic , thank you


Glad to see it’s useful to you. I love these tiny little pieces of genius. :slight_smile:


I got a multipack years ago, too. I can’t remember if I bought it for vape wire or if I got it for jewelry wire. They work really well if you put the wire tamer on before the spool starts to unwind all over the place.

How do you join them together?


Loop the elastics through each other. The plastic bits. Unhook one side on each and use opposing sides to lock it in.

Basically it’s like a belt. You undo the belt and put a second belt through the first buckle.

That’s a horrible explanation- does it help at all? Lol a picture would be better.


Thx @Aphonic No apologies needed. There’s always someone that the information can help. Have you checked out other jewelry tools that are useful for spinning wire? The videos are great, too. Yeah, we vapers didn’t really invent Clapton Coils, we just gave them a new name :smile_cat:


Hey, vapers didn’t just give them a new name, we gave them a COOL new name! :wink:


After you said that it all suddenly made sense. Thanks for that. :smiley: It never would’ve occurred to me to take them apart. I don’t know how many were in the pack I ordered, but it seems like I keep finding them around my apartment. (for all I know it could be the same one that my cat keeps dragging around - he loves elastic) :smiley_cat:


I know about the thing that makes claptons and twisted wire with the aid of a drill. For me it’s a bit expensive now, I don’t use fancy wire enough.

I thought there used to be a “manual” version of that which worked but was a lot slower.

What should I be looking at?


Been using those for a few years now. So much so that the elastic band on one of them frayed away.


Great for making easy claptons


Really nothing if you’re using round wire explicitly. If you already own a drill the tool I’m referring to is only about $5-10 called a ring clamp. Instead of holding a spool of wire in your hand you clamp your wrap wire to it and let it hang by its own weight while it spins around your core wire.


Great vid Lostmarbles. Similar concept to the ring clamp I posted which is an old jeweler’s technique.


Oh great, thanks.

I would love to be able to make my own Clapton but I’d need it to be able to deal with small wire, something the Daedalus doesn’t seem to be able to do. Watched the above video but it seems like you need a relatively thick core wire, I’ll see if I can find some there videos pushed back a bit. I suppose it makes sense if I still want to use 28/36 Clapton as that doesn’t seem to be available at a reasonable price.

Thank you!


True enough… But!

It’s been discussed since at least 2016 here. :wink:




And it’s obviously that time again (2021) lol

At least you kept it in line with the two year theme! :wink:


The Daedulas is a pretty nifty device, but I can never get it to go right on the first try and raises my blood pressure. I’ve just resorted to doing them with the beadalong and drill. If you anchor the end to a swivel(s) and clamp it so it remains tight, you can use high gauge core wire with no problem.


Sorry guys.


If ya didn’t bring it up, some new to vaping may not have known. No harm/no foul.


You’re good!

Things resurfacing every couple of years is far better than average (in a lot of cases)!

Knowing that you’re willing/trying to help other vapers will have you fit right in.

Outside of new flavors, and more personal interactions (sharing the day’s events, or shared points of interest, etc), there really not much new in the world of vaping for more than a year now from my perspective.

For us ‘old folks’, it largely becomes about continuing the friendships that have been fostered here, and the occasional interesting new recipe, or flavor chat.
That and bitching about the current state of shipping costs due to the government nonsense. lol