"Dry" juice

Ok, I need help, I made a custard that I love the flavor, it just tastes dry, if that makes sense. How can I fix this.

A few drops of 0.9% saline solution, ethyl maltol (cotton candy), “Smooth”, MTS Vape Wizard or marshmallow could help…


Curious…have you used saline before?

Not personally no, just EM and MTS - I do have smooth, but I can’t remember if I’ve used it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think I’m going to mix up some salt and water and use it in something like banana bread. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out.


Hmmm, this is the first I have heard of saline

I have and it works but coils… EM, MM will do the same job without the quick yuckifacation of your coils. Adding a bit of Cheesecake (LA) is my favorite way to round out and smooth a plain custard.

EDIT TO ADD: I almost forgot the most important thing and Jim just reminded me. Time, curing/steeping your custards will smooth them out a lot.

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If I get a dry mix I add 5% distilled water, which also help to thin my heavy vg mixes. It’s mostly my tobacco mixes that’s a lil dry.

I haven’t tried any custards yet. I was thinking more along the lines of saline adding a bit of salty to a mix more than anything else. I love the mix of salty and sweet from banana bread and butter. But, if it is hard on coils I will pass. I’d rather not re-wrap protank coils any more than I have to. :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally always add a min of 1% DW, And I’ve been advised not to mix my own saline, but to use the stuff out of the drug store that is sold for an infants nose.(I don’t know what the difference is).

The % are different you need 0.9% to be an actual saline. Their also 1/2 saline which is 0.45% but is usually paired with dextrose.

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so is the infant stuff 1/2 you think?

I would say time custards are one of my favs and at first it is not that attractive of a taste give it 7 days before you do anything and it will change into creaminess instead of dry sharp taste it gives on in the beginning. And if that doesn’t work add the DW. I look for easy fixes like add DW or smooth only if time doesn’t help it first.


If it says saline it is 0.9%

i agree, i was just trying to get a better understanding of the saline.

Only a nurse would know that. Take us to school @Amy2. :wink:


Saline is 0.9% used in eye drops nasal sprays. IV fluids you would typically get replaced while in the hospital has the same tonicity of blood.

Half saline is just a less concentrated and acts differently in the cells

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Lol new drip. Not preaching just teaching

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if 0.9% normal saline is isotonic and half of 0.9= 0.45% that would make this solution more dilute (more water…) therefore anything less than 0.9 is hypotonic

example: 0.45% saline

if the number is greater than 0.9% like say 3% ; 5%


has 2 solute percentages together like 5% in 0.45% well…

this definitely contains more solutes (more particles) therefore anything greater than 0.9 or contains 2 solute percentages is considered hypertonic

3% saline
5% dextrose in 0.225% saline,
5% dextrose in 0.45% saline,
5% dextrose in 0.9% saline
notice how either the saline by itself is higher than 0.9% or there are 2 different types of % solutions going on here? (more solutes) this makes it hyper hyper hypertonic!


Just know saline 0.9% is what u want. Fluid tonicity takes years to really understand how it acts in fluids it deals with osmolarity and concentration gradiates Blah Blah Blah

now let’s talk Vape !!!