Flavor booster?

Anyone have any experience with this? http://www.vaporboost.com/flavor-booster-e-liquid-enhancer/

Every recipe I’ve made has been very underwhelming. Just wondering if this might help…

Hmm sounds a bit like a white elephant to me.

Why not post up some of your recipes here and we can critique them for you and see if we as a group can’t make them pop better for you.

Personally in my own recipes I tend to use no more than about 20% flavouring.

Some as low as 10%.

A lot of the time I’m using no more than 3 flavours.


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Sounds like Diacetyl in a bottle but they say it’s diacetyl free. Course that doesn’t mean it’s not Acetoin in a Bottle…


[quote=“Jondamon, post:2, topic:22904”]
Why not post up some of your recipes here and we can critique them for you and see if we as a group can’t make them pop better for you.[/quote]

I’ve followed all three of these simple recipes exactly, but not getting any “pop”. The vape is just warm and dry with lots of vapor and very little flavor.

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Ok, let’s get a little more serious. Again I hear a echo throughout the halls of the ELR. @andygev35, the saying goes “Taste Is Subjective”. What this should mean to you is that your taste buds may not agree with someone elses taste buds.

Let’s start first with asking what equipment you are using to vape with. The recipe Just Strawberry is too thick for anything other then Subohm application. The other 2 are 70/30 blends which are ok for either subohm or regular tank. Keep in mind that the flavor carrier in your blends will be the PG. Blends with higher VG content may require more flavor added, or more steep, or even both. Be prepared to adjust recipes to fit your purpose. OK, let’s move on…

We are going to stick with the single flavor strawberry recipes for now. Ask yourself this, DO I LIKE THIS FLAVOR. Hopefully the answer to this is yes. If not either scrap it or set it aside and hope it improves with more steep. If you like the flavor then you ask yourself if the flavor is strong enough. You have already said that it is not. All the recipes you provided links for have 15% flavor or less. This means you have room to play. Hopefully you have already learned to save recipes to your own page…

I suggest playing with the Ripe Strawberry recipe. Click the Blue Wrench Button, Click Adapt Recipe. Go down to where it lists the Strawberry ripe and since the highest value you tried was 15% then try 18%. Your PG and VG %s should be adjusted for you with the change. Suggest you make it a private recipes as you play so as not to clutter ELR recipes with duplicates. Now let it steep. vape test, then either adjust flavor higher or lower with a third batch, OR IT’S A KEEPER. See how this goes? Do not be afraid to make adjustments. You are trying to please you, not someone else. If you need to make changes to recipes so they suit your taste then dig right in and do it. Just be sure to be safe with the nicotine…


It sounds like FAs Magic Mask or Smooth rebottled. If you really want to try something in this arena, I’d stick with things that are tried and true. Check out the Master Mixer’s Tips and Tricks for some ideas and reputable places to purchase additives.

Without knowing what your flavor stash looks like it is hard to give suggestions. In my experience Ripe Strawberry doesn’t give much flavor, just a great scent. You need sweetener or something else to really make it pop. Like Ring said, taste is pretty subjective and what you are vaping with and the carrier really affect how much flavor you need to use. There’s a line between too little and too much. Most people stick to 10-20% total flavor, but that’s just a general guideline and can change depending on your base, nic strength, personal preferences, the flavors and vendors you use, etc. In other words, a lot of things. LoL. Too much flavor can have the same effect as not enough…everything blends together and overwhelms each other to the point that its just dull.


My thoughts too…

Actually never tried it as a standalone, I use it in mixing. For Standalone I use FWs Strawberry.

Very good point I missed, Thank you! Listen up @bradleyb5155, @JoJo knows her stuff too…


Aw shucks. :blush: I haven’t used it as a stand alone, but I have used it as the only strawberry in a mix (Sunrise and Cream comes to mind) and while it smelled amazing, it just didn’t do it for me taste wise. Once I read Ken’s suggestion on mixing Ripe Strawberry and Capella’s Sweet Strawberry, I’ve never done it another way. It works for me. I’ll have to get some FW Strawberry and try it. Gee, I hope it doesn’t contain diacetyl… :stuck_out_tongue: (Totally joking!)


These all seem to have great ratios. Are you allowing them time to cure / steep ? Also have you considered getting a bowl ( tuber ware will do ) warm water and let you batch sit in the warm water batch for about 30 minutes probably do this twice to three times. Then shake the day lights outta it then open the cap and let it sit open for around 3-4 hours. Strawberry has been known to be better after a few warm baths and a good shake then venting. I promise if you are following them to a T try this method and if this doesn’t work. Then try increasing the ratio slightly but ( I think they all look good )
Are you sure your base is in check ( pg VG Nic ) all the correct ratios as the recipe follows.

Don’t get frustrated just try making another batch. And while you are at it make sure you have something decent to vape so you don’t keep stressing on the ones steeping. Hope this helps !

And like JoJo was saying ripe strawberry can be a beautiful additive to your batch as far as stand alone flavor ( to me ) it doesn’t get the job done. But it is up to you. I love to mix ripe SB and sweet SB together I generally have ripe around 6% and sweet SB around 3% but that is mostly paired with a cream or custard and then maybe. Marshmallow Bc I know I like my flavor ! 18-20% is my norm learning where you like your flavor ratio will be a huge favor for you eventually once you learn which flavors you do like !


I’m using a SubTank Mini with the RBA @ 1.1 ohms. I’m also using an Hcigar Kayfun 3.1 clone.

I’ve tried the water/flavor drop tasting method, and I do like the flavor.

I do have some ECX Sweetener (sucralose)

I’m using a mini crockpot candle warmer (the kind that fits the Yankee Candle jars). I bathe them at 140 degrees for 6 hrs with the cap off, then I put the cap back on, shake like a madman, re-cap, back into the crockpot with the power off, the whole crockpot covered so it’ll come to room temp slowly. Then sit overnight. I was thinking that this method, while not a complete steep, would at least give me a good indication where my brew is heading, No?

Also, and this is probably my main complaint, I’m not getting that “juicy, mouthwatering, wet” feel to my vapes. I would describe my vapor as warm, dry, uninspiring. I’ve heard that some additives can give “body” and “mouth feel” to a recipe. Is that the holy grail that I seek? That terminology is new to me, and I’m having trouble making sense of it :confused:


Do you have any cream flavourings?

Or Marshmallow or custard?

Creams, marsh and custards can add mouth feel to recipes.

I find the TFA ripe strawberry a little bland on its own. I know one user here would tell you to add CAP sweet Strawberry at 3% to your ripe strawberry for a more authentic strawberry taste. @Ken_O_Where



I don’t have any of those (yet). Which brand of them are generally considered the best quality? What sort of percentages are used for “effect” rather than “flavor”?

You’re going to get a million different answers to that question. LOL I have Catalan Cream and Vienna Cream from FA and love them both. I have Sweet Cream, Whipped Cream, and Bavarian Cream from TPA and love them, too. I have Cap’s Vanilla Custard v1 and v2 and prefer the v1. I don’t think you’d go wrong with any of those.

Don’t quote me on this, but it seems the general consensus is FA is the best and Inawera is a close second, both being highly concentrated, imported, and more expensive. TPA, Cap, and FW are a little more hit and miss, but all three have great flavors. Loranns and the rest all seem to be ‘specialized’ flavors that serve a specific purpose rather than brands that people have whole stocks in. About 80% of my flavorings are TPA, 15% are FA, and the other 5% are FW, Inawera, and Loranns if that helps any.

As far as percentages, it depends on the brand. I’d say start small. No more than 3%.


Too late… :smile:

You’d be talking a few drops per 10ml of juice to get an effect and no flavour.

I’m predominantly a TFA guy with a few Inawera and a couple of CAP flavours.

Personally I like TFA Bavarian cream but use it for flavour rather than mouth feel.

Same goes for Cap v1 custard. (I’m on a custard trip at the min)

Marshmallow is the one that most like to use to add that extra mouthfeel.

Reiterating what @JoJo said you’ll get a million and one answers as to which flavouring is best lol.

Unfortunately it boils down to try it and see.

I’m revisiting some of my older flavours by CUPCAKE WORLD to remix with custards etc and they’re turning out great considering initially I couldn’t use them very well without it turning harsh.



Quite true plus some sweetness. Add Cheesecakes, French Vanilla Cream to the list that give mouthfeel. In this case a rich, savory kind of feel…


here’s my flavor stash (at least what it will be next week)

Hopefully a good starting point for a pantry…


Looks pretty good. Careful with the chocolates…they can be a little tough to work with. Also, the Ripe Banana is apparently pretty harsh stuff so it seems best to only use it in glass or stainless bottles and tanks if you can. I have it in a couple recipes in LDPE bottles and they seem to be fine.

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You have some good stuff and also stuff that is not so necessary. The EM, unless you want a standalone Cotton Candy is useless in my opinion. It should not be used in mixes because it mutes other favors. If you have not already ordered it, you might reconsider this one. @JoJo is right. From what others are saying here on ELR the Banana Ripe does seem hard to work with and require a lot of steep. If I want banana, I go to Banana Cream TFA (Good Stuff). I recommend Marshmallow for sweetener 2% or less. Lime Juice (if actual juice), Saline Solution, my opinion but I feel are unnecessary. Smooth is good for tobacco and menthol mixes for me. I will say I do not like the taste of the Strawberries and Cream (My Opinion).

The rest looks like a pretty good lineup. Actually TPA MILK Chocolate is a lighter and sweeter chocolate. I found it easy to mix with. You do appear to have everything you need to make up some Strawberry Cheesecake Recipes or numerous flavored custard recipes, or chocolate pudding type recipes. Perhaps you could try some of those. Do your self a favor though. Stick to the recipes that are rated 5 stars. Though this is not always gonna wind up your opinion after blending it, the chances are better that you will like it since at least someone felt it good enough to rate that high.

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I already have this, and have discovered just that… I don’t plan on using it much (if at all).

Removed from my shopping list, replaced with Banana Cream TFA

Assuming that the recipe creator hasn’t rated it themselves, that’s my plan.

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