New database error discussion thread

wtf. thx TZ. i was checking it by using my standard way = flavor (SSA)

but this particular flavor was entered as BS SSA, not BS (SSA) and thus not shown. Thx.


It does not show with either of those iterations for me. Are you searching from the calculator or the Flavor List? I put “butt ssa” as the search phrase and it popped right up.


I’m used to search with a bracket. peach (in …or peach (ss …or peach (m

I guess i got used to this when i jumped to this forum since i never knew what abbreviations are used (sometimes written as INW and sometimes as Inawera and sometimes on other forums as INA). Adding this extra bracket in front helped me to easily narrow down the results and find things quickly (because when used peach (IN i would get ten results and when i used IN without a bracket, i would get hundred(s) results.

Also sometimes we have abbreviations and sometimes full names used (like here we have SSA and Molinberry, we have Real Flavors and WF, we have FA and Flavorah, etc) and for a newbie (or a vet) adding that bracket helps and so it stayed in me.

This was particularly useful for less popular brands; like Sasami which has half of entries shown as Sasami and half as SSM and while on Alltheflavors they have it as SI. (S solves the problem. Or Mom and Pops and M&P - (M works.

For this particular example, we have one Butterscotch entered with brackets and one without; so when i was using my standard way that usually works, i got shown only one BS in my search - BS (SSA), while BS Rich was not shown to me. (it seems my clever search strategy has flaws, lol)


Sometimes you just have to search several variations and you will usually find it. You’ll know by the number of people that have it compared to the other incorrect entries. Occasionally I give up and ask the forum here but not without trying different search terms I can think up. Once or twice, if I’m remembering right, I bought flavors that were actually never in the database! That’s pretty weird especially when the manufacturer isn’t new and you buy from a common source.


It’s unfortunate we have to continue struggling with the flavor names. I tried to fix as many as I could (not counting the screw ups) but the rug was yanked out from under me, so I have no ability to fix them now. Best advice I can give you is use the Flavor List Search option, and when you have several results returned, look over at the Recipes column. Then, by selecting the flavor name with the most recipes showing, you can be sure it’s the correct one.