Session Drummer's review of the Fatality RTA by QP Design

I’m not 100% sure how I found out about the Fatality RTA, but since QP /Design only does limited release runs, this one was hard to find. It’s a biggie, and it’s damned good looking, so let’s see what’s what here. This RTA was NOT provided free of charge to me, by anyone. #IPaidForItMyself Thanks out to the crew at Gas City Vapes for kicking it down to the US post haste.


  • 28mm Diameter
  • Side terminal postless deck
  • Multi coil configuration
  • Replace cotton or Coils without emptying your juice
  • Twist to close juice ports on filling for no leaking
  • Fast and easy cotton or coil replacement
  • Adjustable quad airflow
  • Unique airflow Adjustment
  • (Top airflow ring controls side angled airflow)
  • (Bottom airflow ring controls center airflow)

Also included with each kit:

Ultem 810 Drip Tip (Polished)
Ultem 2ml tank (Polished)
Ultem 4ml tank (Polished)
Clear 810 Drip Tip
Glass 2ml tank
Glass 4ml tank
Chimney extension for 4ml tanks
Accessory bag
Flat head screws
Black O-rings
Serial number

First things first. I had never heard of QP Designs or the Fatality RTA before, but stumbled across it, and decided it HAD to be had. Problem was, it indeed WAS a limited production run, and it took quite some time to find one.

The packaging was first rate as you would expect at this price point.

All of the included parts, extras and info cards were nicely tucked in.

Starting off the party they threw in tons of o-rings, screws, and a polished 810 Ultem drip tip, and, of course, a blue screwdriver.

It came with a staggering array of tanks, including a 6ml bubble glass, 2ml and 4ml glass, 2ml and 4ml polished Ultem tanks.

It’s safe to say that the Fatality is a nice looking, seriously well thought out, and precisely constructed RTA.

Everything from the machining, the threads, even the drag on the adjustments rings is very well executed.

Starting out with the generous dual filling slots, AND, the “clip top cap” as they call it. The cap is NOT threaded, but you line up two small lines and it comes right off. Goes right back on, twist to lock, and it doesn’t come off unless you take it off.

It has a super expansive build deck which will allow some seriously big coils if needed, and side and bottom airflow (independently adjustable), and large juice wells which proved to make tail tucking extremely easy.

The chimney is very well thought out, with a thin o-ring, threaded top, and dual generous juice flow slots.

Domed as expected for increased flavor chucking.

Two large juice flow slots allow in plenty of juice, and are adjustable.

Two separate air flow rings (2 air flow slots per ring), the top ring adjusts side air flow, and the bottom ring adjust the bottom air flow. Nicely snug, but easily adjustable.

I had thought about putting some monster coils in, but decided on a more every day approach with some simple 3mm fused claptons coming in at about .20 ohms.

Trimming the legs was required, but not really an issue. Clearly the deck could hold much larger coils if desired.

Despite having some newer features, they didn’t mess up what works. Make the flavor !!!

Loaded up some KGD cotton, trimmed and fluffed, but didn’t have to thin the tails at all.

It didn’t seem to be overly picky, just trimmed to the bottom of the juice well, and inserted. 5 wick replacements, no leaking, no dry hits, just plain easy.

Saucing of the wicks.

Having had a few bad experiences threading chimneys on on other setups, juiced the wicks up first, but as it turned out, the chimney was too damned easy to fit on, due to the spacious design.

Because it is a 28, it’s going to overhang some of the smaller mods. On my Paranormal there was a small amount of overhang, but it didn’t look terrible at all.

The WhiteRose evened it up nicely.

The is NOTHING worse when you are trying to setup, photograph, coil, wick, and review a setup, than a persistent “helper”. LOTS of little pieces and parts to play with.


After taking a much closer look at, and testing this RTA I was very impressed by the features, workmanship, and operation of it, and I was actually surprised I’d never heard of QP Designs before. Well I have NOW !!!
First things first, the “clip top cap” thing is pretty damned smart. It sounds like you have to push and clip/unclip, but it’s more of a “twist it around, until it de-latches, then you can take it off” kind of a thing, and it works REALLY well. This is not only utilized in the top cap, but also the main body !!! YES, you can shut off the juiceflow, spin it around a line up the (two small lines) points, and pop off your tank COMPLETELY FULL, and access your coils and wicks if needed. WHAT ?? !!! YES, that’s pretty nice, neat, and tricky. It works very well, and both the top cap, and main body have plenty of drag so nothing comes off by itself.

The threads, and o-rings are top notch, all doing their part, with no leaking, nothing loose, and just enough drag to keep everything where you left it. About the only thing I had to get used to was setting each individual air flow rings, but once I got them dialed in, didn’t touch them again, and they stayed right where I left them. Had no dry hits, despite being lazy with the wicks, and didn’t really seem to be particularly finicky about them either. Nothing leaked, and once loaded, worked without issue. For this testing I only used the 4ml glass with the clear drip tip, but may try the Ultem parts later.

FLAVOR ??? Yes, it is one HELL of a flavor chucker (and it can make clouds too). Tried more than a few go to juices to get a good read on it, and it’s probably one of the MOST flavorful tank/RTA’s I own, including the SteamCraves. Is it better than my SC’s ?? Maybe, … just maybe. Very potent flavor, and as expected, opening the bottom air flow ring (bottom air flow) and leaving the top ring set to 1/4-1/2 seemed to provide the bestest flavor. No whistling from the air ports, no spitting, gurgling, etc. I don’t think you can go wrong with this setup, provided you have a big enough mod to sit it on.


  • Large array of included tanks
  • Adjustable upper and lower air flow rings for side, and bottom air flow
  • Next level machining, o-rings, fit and finish.
  • Non-threaded top cap and main body allowing for quick filling and coil/wick adj. with a full tank.
  • Super spacious build deck, big juice wells, easy to build on
  • Show stopping great looks
  • Outstanding flavor


  • Hard to find, and expensive
  • Non-threaded top cap and main body learning curve
  • Two thin air control rings can be hard to move individually, but can, after learning curve
  • Looks bad on an EGO battery


Where the hell has QP Design been !!! These guys clearly know what they’re doing, and how to do it. Next gen. feeling to this setup, and it vapes perfectly with hardly an issue. Great flavor gets you hooked, and ease of use, building, and setup, will keep you coming back. After I cleared the learning curve, it just became a smooth as butter flavor chucker. It’s hard to find faults with this setup despite trying to, but as it stands, QP Design has a winner with this one.


Update (11-9-18) – Continued non-stop use of this, including multiple re-wicks proves this to be a VERY reliable flavor chucking vapor monster. I have intentionally changed up the wicking in the wells from fairly full, to not as full, and I just doesn’t seem to really matter. No leaking, no dry hitting, it’s just NOT that picky, and I like that. I DID however manged to BREAK the 4ml glass tank, so I am unsure as to the hardness of it. Didn’t drop the tank loaded or assembled, but when washing the parts, and moving to set them down, dropped the 4ml glass onto the counter and it cracked. Didn’t seem like that far of a fall, but I may have hit it JUST right, but not sure, and reporting AS IS. If you’re a similarly clumsy oaf pick up a spare…


First of all, excellent review and great pics. Second…dude…throw some 4mm coils in that thing and fog out the den in two hits!


Really like the review and per the review, really like the atty. Just gotta think on this one though. 28mm is a lot of atty. I only have one 28 and it’s more of a novelty than something I use a lot.


Beautiful device, awesome review. And just when I was thinking about enlisting in the SteamCrave Army!
That looks like one hell of a nice RTA, thanks for the review!


@CosmicTruth NOTHING should prevent you from joining Team Steam !!!

Even this one…


I’ll have to save up for a couple months, then talk the wife into it … but a shinyitus shot would cost less :smile:


Gas City Vapes has a few LEFT in stock !!!


Great review! I didn’t realize this thing was so big. I’m going to have to wait on the price of this one, but it looks awesome and I bet it would look just fine on my Whiterose mod too…


@NChris LOL, because this thing is ALREADY fogging out the living room !!! I gotta open a window.


Oh yes it WOULD @Lostmarbles.


Awesome review @SessionDrummer. Very detailed and paints a clear picture of what the rta is about.
Biggest and probably only con would be it’s too expensive! Well done.


Great review Drummer! And man is that thing sweet! This one is definitely going on the To Get List! Thanks for review man👍


Once I started reading about craftsmanship and all the goodies I quickly scrolled to the end looking for the price tag. $100CN is about $76US, give or take. Quickly convinced myself I could swing it but then, like @CosmicTruth noted, I’d have to explain it to the ol’lady.
I need to go back and finish the review but I’ll just say now…I’m confident it’s a good’un! :sunglasses:


Another one to look at from qp is Juggerknot Top Airflow very similar deck. I have vaped one but don’t own and it was very good.



Great review @SessionDrummer

You should check out the other QP tanks as well. I heard some great stuff about the Juggerknot mini :slight_smile:


Great review man and good to see that I’m not the only one who’s suffering from helpers :laughing:
You have a hell of a good looking one too.
I usually get a nudge just when I’m taking a picture and have to start over.
I’ve never heard of QP either and it certainly looks and sounds good :+1:
Like @SmilingOgre, I don’t use anything that big, it would overhang on most of my mods.


Not sure the waiting game will work on this one… It’s expensive but not extremely. After a great review like this, I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in getting one. I paid this price for my original Goon and it wasn’t nearly as unique, had less options/spares and has a few more cons. I am still using it after 2 years because that’s what you do with a great atty :wink:


Thank you @Kenbu and @Eddiepraysforpeace.


@TorturedZen I hear you brother. As I started looking around and got more and more “Sold Out”'s I was compelled to.


I may have to now lol.