Show Off Your DIY Flavor Storage, Looking For Ideas

Hey there, everyone! Hoping some of you experienced DIYers have a yen to show off your clever methods of flavor storage.

Right now I’ve only got about 60 flavors, so I’ve got everything in one oversized Caboodle. But about to buy another 100+ flavors in the next week or so (btw, anyone know of any good sales coming up at Bull City, or Nic River?), and what I’m using now just will not cut it. I’m hoping some of you have some options more clever than my ‘chuck it all in the hall linen closet’ backup option.

Any of you have any clever organizing methods/storage solutions for your flavors? I’ve got limited funds to throw at the problem, so I’m open to anything, from the clever re-purposing to the astonishingly tricked out modern day-apothecary man caves. Come on… you know some of you are set up like that. lol

I’d love to see photos, or just explain what you’ve got going on. Thanks!



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