Titanium Super Sub-Ohm Build aka Deep Water

This is my all time favorite build to date. This build crank out more vapor and flavor than any of my previous builds. I hope someone try this build and let me know what you think. You know it’s in TC mode

Dual 22g, 6 Wraps Spaced Titanium Coils… 2.5mm ID. It should come to .05-.07 ohm. IMO the ultimate tank build. If you ever took my word for anything this is one you must try. There is no difference between this build and a dripper. I actually like it better than a dripper because it doesn’t get hot like a dripper built this low. A TFV4 with the TF-R2 Dual Deck is required for this build.


That is one gorgeous build!! Ok, I will be glad to give it a shot. Please turn me on to a good place to get this wire.

By the way I found this - Etsy/UnkamenSupplies


Your coils are so perfect, @Pro_Vapes, what do you use? A bolt? A screw? Please share…with details, of course, please

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I wrap on a coiler, then stretch them and squeeze back together again.


Well, then I hafta ask, because I know you have done your homework and know what works best…what size? 3mm? 2.5?


I had the specs posted at the top of this thread.

That’s where I got mine. I’m ordering some 20g Ti for my single rba decks. I’m having trouble trying to get them below.10 ohm.

I don’t know why most people don’t build this low. With TC it’s easy to control. These newer tc mods and tanks have outstanding range. People should explore their capabilities. I like pushing the limits on my equipment.

You’re gonna be amazed with the outcome! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :heart_eyes:


Shit, I saw everything but the ID…I see it now…thanks for repeating yourself, lol…
I ordered 22 gauge in SS and in Ti, I like them both…my r2 deck currently has 24g SS in it and its pretty amazing…can’t wait til the 22g gets in…:smile:


Thanks hero! I ordered 50’ of it and man that’s a pretty good price…under $10 for 25ft.

I also saw your post about using the ultrasonic to clean the spool. I will be getting one eventually but for those like myself who don’t have one, I’ve found the most efficient way is to use some steel wool to scrub a length of wire, then go over with an alcohol covered paper towel. Seems the residue on this stuff can be darn tough to remove.

Hey thanks too for the pix showing your coil building. I actually have been doing the same but with 22ga wire. I’m thinking it will be easier with 22.


oh, my…i’ve only been using alcohol and a cotton pad…you are suggesting a steel wool pad is needed as well? guess i need to get on it…!
thanks for the 411!


Honestly I don’t know for sure but I have my suspicions. I asked a few questions in another thread about funky taste and if it could be my brand of Ti wire but those were never answered. Rather than take to YouTube or the web, I went on my own observations which was to do the normal alcohol routine then a magnifying glass. I took these photos to show best I can what I was seeing.

This is cleaning with the steel wool and alcohol pad wipe up. As you can see, there is what seems like stains on the wire although it is smooth. It’s apparently not superficial. Sorry for the poor focusing job.

This is cleaning only with an alcohol wipe down. I don’t know if you can tell, but there is obvious residue that the alcohol alone isn’t getting rid of.

My so while I’m not getting any answers with regard to the brand of Titanium (bought of Ebay, spool says VaporTech), I do feel as though this is not as advertised, and I’m using a lower grade metal.

So would I suggest using steel wool? I don’t know. Looking at @Pro_Vapes builds and knowing he did only an ultrasonic cleaner run, I’d have to say no. And if you do need to use steel wool, my guess is you’ve got some crap wire on your hands. That’s reason #2 why I ordered from another vendor.


Was your wire advertised as grade 1? Do you have a link where you got yours?

I got my .50mm here and it look like photo.


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Only advertised as vaping wire. Original listing is expired so I can’t provide a link.

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Does it specify a grade? Yours is also discolored.

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Here’s an exact type listing by this seller - http://www.ebay.com/itm/26-Gauge-Titanium-Resistance-Wire-By-Vapor-Tech-Coil-Builders-Wire-Fast-Shipping-/321861179891

It does not specify in the description. Also, even though the photo used by the seller is identical to the one from my purchase, when I received the spool the sticker on the outside was slightly different, with TA1 on it. I was hopeful but after looking at all the photos of your builds have come to the conclusion what I got is not the high grade we should be using.

Grade 1 is a definite selling point and it’s not even mentioned. There are several grades of titanium… even grade 2 is good to vape But they don’t mention any grade at all. I’d pitch it… especially since it it don’t taste right. If it was the Real McCoy there wouldn’t even be a question.

After I started using the steel wool the taste did improve dramatically. However, even before it wasn’t like puff…puff…yuck. It is a slow thing where after a day vaping I get this taste. I won’t’ go into more than that, simply say I agree with you 100% and will be tossing this wire.

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There is a short break in period. But I wouldn’t trust it.

I have a coupla more questions @Pro_Vapes if you don’t mind…
I’m sure every situation is different, but, how long does your wicking last? As in, how often do you change your wick? And how long do your builds last? The coils themselves?

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It all depends on the juice. I have ran some builds for three weeks and some for a few days. There is no set time. If the flavor start to degrade I check my build. If there’s build up I change my build. If not I change my wick. Some flavors tend to build up more than others. There is no dry burning Ti so it has to be changed.