Titanium Wire... Prep and Use

I’ve been using Titanium wire aka Ti for a few months now and I found it need a little preparation before use. In my research on Ti I learned that it’s primary use is jewelry making and welding. Now it’s being used as a vaping resistance wire and it is truly amazing. Absolutely the best wire I have used to date. There is nothing out there that can match Ti for flavor or vapor production… but it is a little finicky. I haven’t used the Ti that’s being sold by ecig vendors. I’ve only used that which is used for jewelry and welding because it’s cheaper. There are two types of Ti that’s safe for vaping… Grade 1 99.5 pure, and Grade 2. My preference is Grade 1.

Ti Prep and Use
I’ve notice the Ti I’m using has a slight residue on it which require cleaning before it can be used. I cut off what I’m going to use and wash it with dish detergent and then rinse thoroughly with warm water… it removes the residue. Wrap your coil and mount it. When dry firing to shape your coil, lower your wattage to 15-20 watts and pulse slowly. Ti will meltdown if you pulse it too hot. There is no need to make it glow red to shape it. Then wick it and you’re good to go. If you make a dual coil Ti build I recommend that you mount 1 coil first then check your resistance. Make sure it’s not too low for a dual build. With some of the new Temperature Control Devices you can build down to .05 ohms which is great for Dual Tio2 builds. I also found the lower you go, the better your flavor will be. Make sure your device and your batteries can handle the super low ohms Ti delivers. Be prepared for the best flavor you’ve ever had!

@daath is a fan of Grade 2 Ti and also a Ti veteran and can answer any questions about its use.


Great info! Ya go any links to it?
I just ended up buying some off Ebay for my eVic VT, a little pricey but free shipping so it was a little cheaper than the same stuff that’s being sold on Amazon.
Titanium Resistance Wire (Surgical Gr.1 99.5%)

Edit: I just noticed ya did have two links in your post but my virus detection wont open up either of the pages because it says it has Malware in them.

I get it on ebay.

25G Ti

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Nice!!! That’s a lot cheaper than the Spider Silk.


I’m in Europe, and I’ve bought Ti from esmokeguru - I think the crazy wire company has it too, but I haven’t bought any of it from them (I bought 317 SS wire and other stuff from them though)…

I’m actually not even sure it’s grade 2 - it’s a titanium alloy, containing titanium, aluminium, nickel, chrome and iron…

Grade 1 and G2 both are made of the same components… G2 has a little more iron and oxygen and is more durable and rigid than G1. It’s called work horse Tio2 wire because of it’s durability.

Tio2 G1
#Chemistry Typical

Titanium: Balance
Iron: 0.20 max
Oxygen: 0.18 max
Carbon: 0.08 max
Nitrogen: 0.03 max
Hydrogen: 0.015 max
Residuals each 0.10 max, total 0.40 max

Tio2 G2

#Chemistry Typical

Titanium: Balance
Iron: 0.30 max
Oxygen: 0.25 max
Carbon: 0.10 max
Nitrogen: 0.03 max
Hydrogen: 0.015 max
Residuals each 0.10 max, total 0.40 max

Yes, but there is a lot of different grades, which is why I said I’m not sure that it’s grade 2 (which is also unalloyed) - from the components list, I couldn’t even tell which grade it was… http://mrtitanium.com/tigrades.html

I can’t remember where I read it but it read Grades 1 & 2 was safe for vaping. When you mentioned G1 giving off more dust I just assumed you had G2.

@daath, @Shaner and @NewDrip
So, I’m getting ready to go Ti. As far as mm sizing goes:
Blah, blah, blah… What have you worked with so far and what would you suggest? I’m a single wrap, dual coil kinda guy; looking for guidance.

.5mm is what I have. That should be between 25-26 AWG. Dual standard 5 wraps 3mm ID is 1 to 1.5 ohms. Sometimes it reads much lower before the first fire. Don’t fire until wicked and wet… No oxidation needed. Ounce it’s mounted, wicked and wet, fire it a couple cycles to dry burn test. It will burn off that new coil smell. It will be less than 1/4 tank before the flavor shines. After that it’s pure bliss. Remember Ti is almost half the resistance as Ni, so temp is about half.

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I am using the same size wire but 5 single wraps with a 2.5mm ID. Comes in about .22ohms.

I originally started with a 3mm ID in my Subtank Plus and every now and then the damn thing would spit at me. I tried a dozen different ways of wicking it and no mater what I did I would end up with hot juice in my mouth. A couple nights ago I reduced the ID to 2.5 and it’s working perfectly. Nice warm vape with lots of flavor.

I ended up getting this wire off of Ebay but I know you can find it cheaper.


Anybody know where you can get smaller gauge wire under .5mm?

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Spider Silk…

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The one place I can buy Spider Silk only carries 26ga. Plus I’d have a problem paying $15 for 15’ of Ti wire when I could buy 50’ for $10 on eBay or etsy. It grinds my gears when suppliers of vape stuff takes advantage of the end user with price gouging. May their armpits be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels.


Is that a NC saying. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I checked that link and u r right…it really sucks when they mark up prices like that. From the wire composition in that link it’s the grade 1 Ti that sells for $10 for 50’. At least you’ll know next time.

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Btw isn’t it called “Ti”? TiO2 is titanium dioxide (the white powder), aka Titanium White or Pigment White 6 :smiley:


Yeah I figured that out. That’s what we call it at work… When I wrote this a month or so ago that’s what I was using. Maybe I should go back and edit.

Edits all around! Thx.

Man I really should have thought of nickel & titanium welding wire.
I wish harbor freight had it,I’d leave home now to get a spool.
Thanks man

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Do you guys use titanium on non temp control builds ?
I’m asking because I’m thinking if I can I’ll store this kanthal & nickel ,then use strictly titanium,then I can switch between devices without worry.