Uwell Rafale (aka PITA) first impressions

Hey ELR fam!
So I received both of my Rafale tanks today and I thought I would share my impressions as I opener up and taker for a spin! :wink:

I wouldn’t really call this a full review, more of a scratching of the surface

I received it in a nice, aluminum, cylinder tube

The coils are bigger than the crowns and they are build quite solid actually. Gold platted and completely encased in SS (as far as I know)

The tank itself is…well…kinda boring, really nothing too fancy going on. It is built solid, much like the crown, it has a drip tip that is encased in a rubber/plastic sort of material which I neglected to remove for the pictures :laughing:

Ok this is where it falls FLAT on its face for me. The new top fill feature. First off we won’t talk about the fact I thought it was through the driptip, since I have watched a lot of videos and could of sworn that’s what I saw… anyways we won’t talk about the ^%$#&$ mess I made sitting there pouring juice in the DT wondering why I am not seeing the tank fill up…yeah.

To fill this tank with the new system is a freaking nightmare, unless you are using needle tip bottles. First off you have to close the airflow, which only turns in 1 directioin by the way. After you close the airflow, you twist the DT counter clockwise to open it. There are 2 tiny holes on opposite sides of the DT and this is where you are supposed to fill it. I have a lot of juices in amber bottles with eye droppers and it is messy!! The only way to do it minimizing mess with an eye dropper, is to place the eye dropper tip in to the opening, keeping it flush with the outer circle of the hole…no gaps or it flows back out. Even after that you are still left with juice on the rim of the tank and I can see this pouring down the tank as well. Plastic bottles won’t be as much of a hassle though. I am not happy about this feature at all.

I have yet to use it on TC mode but on VW @ 55w on the .25 coil(where I’m @ on the crowns), I am getting the coldest vape I think I have ever had. Seriously I thought my MOD had died or was off because I didn’t think I was drawing anything, until I unleashed a massive cloud!
I’m getting huge clouds with flavor just being good…not amazing but not horrible by any means. It’s hard to compare to the crown, because the vape is completely different.

My other complaint is it is very airy. Even with the airflow all but closed, it is still extremely airy.

I had to take it apart briefly to clean my…mess…and I can tell it is going to be a challenge to clean/dry. More so, the chimney piece… No longer is it a straight chimney like on a normal tank, the anti-spit back chimney is corkscrewed with 2 chambers, making it a bit hard to get in there.

All in all I’m happy with these tanks. For me these are more of a home tank, than a “on the go” tank. Ironically the easy quick fill, isn’t as easy as it looks for a guy like me who uses 85% amber eye dropper bottles…

For now I welcome them to my family


That condom does come off the drip tip right? Photos online show it without it. :grinning:

Thanks for the unboxing review. Like that mat too!!

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I believe on the 0.25 coil. It won’t get even close t a good vape till 80 watts. And i remember right. You can run up to 120 watts with that coil.
And yes the fill holes are way to small. I think a v2 will come out with a small hole on one side and a big hole on the other side. That would be cool. Just my opinion bro

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Yah haha it does come off, I left it on and I was quite literally walking in the door and taking pics/typing, as I was going through everything for the first time :smile:

I’m not sure how I feel about the draw on this and the coolness factor. I will say I have had zero in the the ways of spit back or any form of juice condensation in the DT. It will take some getting used too, as would any other damn tank, since all I use is crowns hehe

Yeah I can go higher, I just normally vape around 55-65 on the .25 crowns

That coils a bigger chunk of metal than the Crown has. Not surprised it takes more to heat it up.

I’m vaping at 90w right now and of course it’s not cold like it is on the lower wattage but it is still a cool vape for the settings

Yeah they take more heat. All the videos I’ve watched. I was concerned about the leaking. But they may have fixed that. They said it was bad coils

What temp you running

They really should of never said anything about this, hurts their business. This was the case yes, pre-market though. Only 5 vendors received the original batch and those were only for review.

They fixed it before launch and all the pre-orders and vendors, etc are getting the new builds

Yeah thats what uwell said. And rip put them down. I think they made a mistake sending them to just the big boy reviewers. Yes they fixed them. I bought mine a week ago through Angelcig. And they still haven’t shipped it.

I was wondering if you think we could drill one fill hole bigger without hurting it ?

Nope. Not without doing some serious damage :slightly_smiling:

It’s all part of the new system and as you twist the drip tip, the holes slide open. Drilling these would cause all sorts of issues I would imagine

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The only thing I haven’t done is hunt for replacement coils. I know they have the rebuild but as far as the actual .25 stocks. Something tells me I wont be getting them for 5.99 like I do for the crown :frowning:

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In time you might. Both go for $16.50 a four pack on the Uwell site.

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They are like $17 for either 3 or 4.


Well they gave me a $10 off coupon so there you go…

no one got time for that!!



Well I’m off to bed. I have grown to like the tanks and I have had a bad vaper tongue all day so I will give it a day or so before the final verdict. Maybe the reason I’m not over the moon about the flavor is due to the anti-spit back… :laughing:

I will say I am putting out some great vapor on this thing though, it feels very clean and it is still a bit more airy than I prefer but I can deal.
Zz::sleeping: zZ


I take it all back…

Although I’m not getting actual spit back, I am getting condensation and juice in the DT and now my lips, for what it’s worth

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At first I thought about getting one, but if I cant remove the drip tip it’s a no go for me.

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i found the RBA deck for the Rafale…it comes with a coil jig!