Medicine Flower contains PG

Yep, :smile: and I’m very much hoping that the system finally shuffles the posts in this thread and the other one (Medicine Flower Suppliers) back into the right order before we get the visit from MF royalty! @woftam was confident (-ish) that would happen eventually, but i’m seriously beginning to doubt it.

I think I should note that here that my confidence in MF is such that I was definitely not deterred from posting their latest sale in the proper thread.

On the allegen front, gotta say that if (as I suppose) it’s not the PG itself causing reactions when vaped, but rather the impurities in it (which would vary with source) then this verges on homeopathic concentations -in this instance- doesn’t it?

I mean, how big a % of that PG would consist in impurities? 1% ? less? (That would vary with manufacturer , ofc, and I imagine that MF’s ingredients would be at the purest end of the scale)

Then we’re adding , what? maybe 1% of that 1% to our juice. Not to mention that the PG is mixed with other ingredients, ofc, . so we’ve got further dilution on that account.

So, it could be that we’ll be ""lucky’’ to get one single stray offending molecule in any given puff, couldn’t it?

Ofc that’s not to say that stray molecule couldn’t cause havoc with the hypersensitive. nor that it couldn’t serve to sensitise folk when encountered on a regular basis (which is actually my biggest concern). But I do want to put this into perspective


I’m stearing clear of speculation! :wink:


I don’t blame you :laughing: ofc, maybe we;re getting ten molecules per puff, or even zero molecules once the actual figures roll in …and once we know what’s really to blame for our PG reactionsm (if we ever do) But if it ain’t the actual PG molecules (which are surely the same regardless the source of the PG) then it;s impurities.

So we can change the figures in the light of hard info, but that above logic tells us that we’re talking of extremely weak concentrations here, just on the basis that we;re diluting MF considerably (fact) and MF is highly concentrated (fact) thus contains loads of flavour molecules , not leaving much room for PG.

Basically , i wanna reassure Alysia that we;re not looking at a mammoth problem here, just something totally unexpected which might turn out to be pretty damned signifant to a few of us.

EDIT: @delltrapp is definitely using the likes as placemarkers. I just caught him liking this post the very second I posted it :laughing: . Gotcha!!! :rofl:


Update regarding Alysia here is a email I received this morning …

Hi there.

Thank you for the invite.

I will have to jump on beginning of next week.

Access to internet for the next 3 days will be in and out.

Thank you so much for including me in the thread.

I will look forward to sharing with everyone.

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Medicine Flower


hmm @woftam, @daath. the system still hasnt put the posts here back into chrological order, since they got shuffled about., making this conversation seriously disjointed. Can anything be done? (i’m still crossing my fingers that Alysia hasn’t tried reading this thread yet )


Is MF PG free now?


I was excited for the community, not myself :wink:


They are not. They just use a special VG derived PG that seems to be friendly to those that are usually irritated by or allergic to common PG

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Correction, that we assume to be friendly. Seriously, it’s such a tiny quantity, it must amount to near-homeopathic dilutions when mixed. So,it might just be that nobody’s noticed yet. Did anyone ever find out if it’s corn-derived? that’'s the million dollar question. from my own POV. But then, on the other hand, if it *is *corn derived, it isn’t that special

(Seriously, have had to be ever more strict re. eliminating corn from my diet. gone is everything that might have been sprayed with citric acid (that is most fruit and veg) now, I’ll be subsisting on air , at this rate :(. So that question actually matters to some of us… or, well, me anywho. Must I steel myself to give up MF too?)


These are cold-processed using extraction without the use of any colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives. Wildcrafted or sustainably grown and non-GMO. Purchased mine on Amazon actually (hey I had free gift card LOL) Is this the same thing? MF Dark Chocolate


If you go through Medicine Flower or Good Earth Beauty, they throw in some sample sizes and you can even request the samples you would like to try.


Thank you for that, I was waiting until they emailed me this.

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I would have done that, but like I said I had a free gift card and wanted to try this


Michelle there is PG in some MF flaves …it is a vegetable based PG I go came from the owner of MF


Jay ill call Monday to see if the VG is corn derived …i habe a couple other question for Elisa


hey :slight_smile: thanks for that.
you meant to say PG i guess? just checking :wink:

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PS, have become a bit sensitive to vapes , recent weeks. Might be that bit of PG, but might also be the plum. have been vaping an old MF Plum SFT (I made 30ml of the stuff. meant to use it as a basis for further experimentation) Upshot is that I am now allergic to plums, FFS. Had to give away my carefully-soourced corn-free plum jam etc , because plums now bring me out in a nasty rash amongst other symptoms.

sigh i guess there;s just no working with my stupid, hypersensitive body is there?

Aplogies for not beiong around, just lately. It’s a combo of being enormously busy with a coincidental deluge of doctiors appointments etc… and being deeply discouraged.

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??? What am I looking for here

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