The ELR Pay It Foward Thread

This is not MY thread, or YOUR thread, it’s OUR thread. For those of you who’ve been here a while, do you remember when WE used to do this all of the time ?? It seemed like every other day, someone, was sending something, to another member. I do. If I have the time, I’ll try and find some of the good ones, and share them here, as examples, but I don’t think we’ve ever had a dedicated thread for it.

I know MANY of you have done this before, and are still probably doing it, and I’ve done it many times over the years. Most often, for newer mixers/members to try and help them get their feet wet. I’m not saying that because it’s far less common now, that we’re in the shitter, but I think when we WERE doing it more often, ELR, was just a damned better place to be, hang out, share information, etc.

It’s NOT a competition, or a “Look What I did” kind of thing, but I actually DO think, doing it publicly, could benefit everyone, and LEAD by example. It’s about US, helping US.

I remember sending out a pre-coiled/cotton’ed SteamCrave RDTA, and a bunch-o-juices to a member who was struggling to get good flavor, and I wanted to see if a new RDTA, or mixes would help him.

I sent over 100 new flavors to a newer mixer who didn’t have a lot of flavors, direct to her from Bull City Flavors, to help her out, in getting started.

I’ve also RECEIVED all kinds of stuff from your guys IN RETURN. Cotton, tanks, mods, juices, discontinued flavors, coils, wire, etc., etc., etc. You guys were, and are generous. I had almost forgotten about this practice, when I had an upcoming massive flavor series to review, and I was running low on cotton, and said some random crap about that, and BAMM, out of the blue, I get loads of KGD cotton shipped out by another member. It MADE my day, as I tore right into it, and started using it !!!

I say we KEEP this practice going, and KEEP it going, as I truly feel that even though times are a chagin’, we WERE better off, when we did it more often.

What do you guys think ??


Perfect. I know I have received stuff and would love to pay it forward. I have concentrates waiting to go to a new home as well as some commercial liquid. I’m sure glad you brought this up. I wasn’t sure where to start! Awesome idea!!


I love Pay it forward…As a mayter of fact i have some things going to @Lynda_Marie this week :pray::pray:
My problem is its a chore to go to post office so im always later than i wish to send something


Just a FEW examples …

Continuing the discussion from Vape Mail 2022:


It is awesome that someone started this thread. And wouldn’t ya know it I got a surprise package from the Pastor @Pastorfuzz. I was only interested in a Asmodus Luna they can be hard to find. So he offered me one free and got so much more. Not just one but three mods a beautiful Luna and two awesome Minikins. Thank you @Pastorfuzz!!! You are awesome. I’ll definitely be paying it forward.


SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The idea behind Paying it forward is not to have it announced to the whole damn world! I dread being in the spotlight, yanno?


I love those stickers and I ROAR every time I see them. I have a bunch of “Let’s Go You-know-who” stickers and EVERYONE I give them to loves them!


Well normally I’d agree @KC111, but it feels like we’ve been in a little SLUMP here, and I think that firing this up, sharing it, and pushing back towards our roots, is JUST what the Doctor ordered …


True! We can all use a little cheering up to get us out of this morbid, sinking into an abyss, an utterly helpless feeling of despair when we see the reality beyond what our leaders are painting with their rose colored glasses.
I’m hoping I don’t have to fold my biz until we can get an economic forward thinking leader to take over. My profits last month doesn’t even pay for a tank of gas. Like a wise man once said a few years ago, “I don’t often brag when I go to expensive places, but I just got back from the gas station…”


I forget which thread you posted it on, but you mentioned backing up your recipes in case they get lost on ELR? How did you go about doing that?


@KC111 there are many ways to do this, I import into Rod’s standalone calc but super easy way is to

take a recipe …

and copy simple text

:icecream: Soft Servin’ Up Pineapple :pineapple: : Check cookies

0.60% Fizzy Sherbet (VTA)
0.40% French Vanilla Ice Cream (Hangsen)
0.40% Juicy Lemon (CAP)
2.95% Sugarloaf Pineapple (VTA)
2.00% Vanilla Ice Cream (LB)
1.75% Vanilla Swirl (TPA)
2.00% Vienna Cream (FA)

Flavor total: 10.1%
Remember to rate it at: Check cookies


Thank you D-man. I needed to re-phrase my question to be more clear. Right now, I just save the recipes to my own ELR recipe folder, but I was under the assumption that my recipe folder could potentially disappear, so I was wondering if there was a hard data base somewhere that I could import the recipes to.


@KC111 I use ejuice me up stand alone calculator for my back-up


Thank you @TimWV. I have e-juice me up shortcut on my desktop, but I need to seriously sit down and look through it, it is a bit confusing for me. Is it possible to import my ELR recipes to e-juice me up?


@KC111 I don’t know if you can import. I am in the process of backing my recipes up to there using some copy & paste lol. It was a bit confusing to me as well but once you lock in your defaults the rest is fairly simple as long as you remember how to save, open one of your recipes, and recalling your default to start a new recipe lol :crazy_face:


Ok, I am on my way over!


Also when I start working on anything new or making changes to any existing projects I usually screenshot my ingredients list and save to a external drive. I don’t tend to leave finished recipes on ELR, VCC or ATF as I have gotten hacked on ATF twice. So I just create them and save my recipes until I want to share them. I also use the print function and print a paper copy of the recipe. That way I have a paper trail just in case.


I always print and mix from those paper copies. Who the hell wants liquids around electronics. I don’t. Plus it gives me room to make any scribbles on an overpour or a star by a flavour to reorder


I tried, but never really used EJuiceMeUp so I can’t speak to it’s import functions. Rod’s Juice Calculator allows for a LOT of imports, including simple text (one at a time though) from ELR, and many others, for easy importing recipes…


Thank you Dudette! I will look later and bug you then! I’m really sorry but I have to go. XOXO