Recommended Flavors and Research List

So many times we get a newbie request to help rescue a wayward recipe. Most of the time the problem boils down to vendors flavor choice and usage percentage. We are hoping this proactive approach will give the newbies a resource to make better flavor purchases and the ability to see usage percentages and how others pair the flavors in recipes. We also hope the newbies take advantage of this resource and try some of these popular flavors instead of depending on one vendor for all their flavor needs. Flavor Research and a Very Diverse Flavor Stash could be the difference in making your DIY experience a positive one from the start.

For anyone that want anytime access to this list, @JoJo has made this list available for download via Google Drive
You can access the list at this link… Flavors List

A very big Thank You goes out to @Amy2, @JoJo, @quitter1, @DarthVapor, @Ken_O_Where and @daath for your contributions to getting this project done.

A extra Thank You to @JoJo for formatting and making this list neat, orderly and user friendly.

The Perfumer’s/Flavor Apprentice (TPA)

[Absinthe] (
[Banana Nut Bread] (
[Bavarian Cream] (
[Black Cherry] (
[Blueberry Extra] (
[Blueberry Wild] (
[Brown Sugar] (
[Caramel Candy] (
[Caramel (Original)] (
[Chai Tea] (
[Coconut Extra] (
[Coconut Candy] (
[Dulce de Leche] (
[Elderberry] (
[Graham Cracker (Clear)] (
[Green Tea] (
[Hazelnut] (
[Honeysuckle] (
[Jamaican Rum] (
[Marshmallow] (
[Meringue] (
[Orange Cream] (
[Pear] (
[Pie Crust] (
[Ripe Banana] (
[Strawberries and Cream] (
[Strawberry] (
[Strawberry Ripe] (
[Sweet Cream] (
[Vanilla Bean Gelato] (
[Vanilla Bean Ice Cream] (
[Vanilla Swirl] (
[Waffle (Belgian)] (
[Whipped Cream] (

Capella (Cap)

[Butter Cream] (
[Chocolate Coconut Almond] (
[Chocolate Glazed Doughnut] (
[Coconut] (
[Double Chocolate] (
[Gingerbread] (
[Glazed Doughnut] (
[Graham Cracker] (
[Harvest Berry] (
[Hibiscus] (
[Italian Lemon Sicily] (
[Juicy Orange] (
[Lemon Meringue Pie] (
[New York Cheesecake] (
[Peanut Butter v2] (
[Strawberries and Cream] (
[Sugar Cookie v2] (
[Sweet Cream] (
[Sweet Guava] (
[Sweet Strawberry] (
[Sweet Tangerine] (
[Vanilla Custard V1] (
[Yellow Peach] (

Flavor West (FW)

[Acai Berry] (
[Bavarian Cream] (
Blood Orange
[Butter Cream] (
Butter Pecan
[Butterscotch] (
[Cake Yellow] (
Crispy Rice Cereal
Double Dutch Twister
[Extreme Ice] (
[Graham Cracker] (
Gummy Bear
[Hazelnut] (
[Macadamia Nut] (
Maple Pecan
[Pink Champagne] (
[Salted Caramel] (
[Sugar Cookie] (
[Tres Leches] (
[Vanilla Bean Ice Cream] (
[White Chocolate] (

Flavour Art (FA)

[Almond] (
[Anise] (
Apple Pie
[Apricot] (
[Bilberry] (
[Bourbon (Vanilla Bourbon)] (
[Brandy] (
[Catalan Cream] (
[Chocolate] (
[Cinnamon Ceylon] (
[Cookie] (
[Cream Fresh] (
[Custard] (
[Dark Bean (Coffee Espresso)] (
[Forest Fruit] (
[Fuji Apple] (
[Hazel Grove (Hazelnut)] (
[Honey] (
[Jasmine] (
[Lemon Sicily] (
[Lime Tahity Cold Pressed] (
[Lime Tahity Distilled] (
[Madagascar (Vanilla Classic)] (
[Mango] (
[Maple Syrup] (
[Marshmallow] (
[Meringue] (
[Nut Mix] (
[Oak Wood] (
[Oba Oba] (
[Pear] (
[Peppermint] (
[Red Touch (Strawberry)] (
[Vienna Cream] (
[Walnut] (
[White Peach] (


[Banana] (
[Blueberry] (
[Boysenberry] (
[Butterscotch] (
[Cantaloupe] (
[Caramel] (
Chocolate Deutsch
[Cinnamon Crunch] (
[Coconut] (
[Cranberry] (
[Cream] (
[Lemonade] (
[Lime] (
[Milk and Honey] (
[Mocha] (
[Orange Citrus] (
[Peach] (
[Peanut Butter] (
[Pink Guava] (
[Raspberry] (
[Rich Cinnamon] (
[Strawberry] (
[Tropical Citrus] (
[Vanilla Custard] (
[Virginia Tobacco] (
[Wild Melon] (
[Yogurt] (


[Biscuit] (
[Brandy] (
[Cactus] (
[Caramel] (
[Cherries] (
[Cherry] (
[Coconut] (
[Cocopilada] (
[Cognac] (
[Crème Brulee] (
Eucalyptus + Mint
[Frost] (
[Grapefruit] (
[Godfather] (
[Mango] (
[Nougat] (
[Peach] (
[Pear] (
[Pineapple] (
[Raspberry] (
[Rum] (
[Sesame] (
[Shisha Golden Apple] (
[Shisha Strawberry] (
[Shisha Vanilla] (
[Sparkling Wine] (
[Spicy Biscuit] (
[Strawberry] (
[Walnut] (

LorAnn (LA)

[Banana Cream (Clear)] (
[Bavarian Cream] (
[Blackberry] (
[Butter Rum] (
[Coconut] (
[Cream Cheese Icing] (
[Creamy Caramel] (
[Green Apple] (
[Melon] (
[Vanilla Butternut] (
[Watermelon (Clear)] (


[Creamy Vanilla] (
[Funky Pineapple] (
[Pink Lady] (
[Pink Raspberry] (
[Wild Strawberry] (

[Green Orange] (
[French Vanilla Ice Cream] (
[Italian Cream] (
[Pineapple] (

German Flavors
[Fig] (
[Toffee] (
[Vanilla Pudding] (


Liquid Barn
Vanilla Ice Cream

VG Based Flavors

One On One (OOO)

[Butter Lemon] (
[Cream (Milky Undertone)] (
[Marshmallow Vanilla] (

Real Flavors / Northwest Flavors

[Blueberry] (
[Blueberry Acai Pomegranate] (
[Pink Burst] (
[Strawberry] (

LorAnn Naturals

[Blueberry Natural] (
[Natural Strawberry] (

Tobacco Flavors

Inawera Tobaccos

[Am4a] (
[Black Cherry for Pipe] (
[Captain Jack for Pipe] (
[Dark for Pipe] (
[Dirty Neutral Base] (
[Don Hill] (
[Fortuna Strike] (
[Gold Ducat] (
[Gold for Pipe] (
[Pear Tobacco] (
[Shisha Tobacco Drop] (
[Smoke and Prunes] (
[Tobacco Absolute Garuda] (
[Vanilla for Pipe] (

TPA Tobaccos

[Black Honey Tobacco] (
[Cubano] (
[Mild Black] (
[RY4 Asian] (
[RY4 Double] (
[Western] (

FA Tobaccos

[7 Leaves] (
[Black Fire] (
[Cowboy Blend] (
[Dark Vapure] (
[Desert Ship] (
[Glory] (
[Latakia] (
[Maxx Blend] (
[Perique Black] (
[Royal] (
[Shade] (
[SoHo] (
[Storm] (
[Tuscan Reserve] (
[Virginia] (

Hangsen Tobaccos

[Arabic] (
[Black Label (Dijarum)] (
[CO Tobacco (Cohiba)] (
[Cuba] (
[Deluxe Tobacco] (
[Desert Ship] (
[Elder Captain] (
[Golden VI] (
[Hava Tobacco] (
[Highway] (
[Parmal] (
[Pipe (French Pipe)] (
[Turkish Blended] (

ecigExpress Tobaccos (Tobacco Express - ECX)

[234 Dji Sam Soe] (
[Black Mile] (
[Black Mile Plus] (
[Mile Seven] (
[YunYan] (

Super Concentrate Tobaccos (SC)

[Black n Mild] (
[Cohiba] (
[French Pipe] (
[Maxx Blend] (
[Parlay] (
[Turkish] (


Pinned in the category - Perhaps we should pin it globally for a while?

And a big thank you to you, too @Pro_Vapes, for organizing and pushing to make this happen. :smile:


Thanks, PV and JoJo (and the others)! This is a great resource. Just curious. What do the little numbers next to the flavors mean?


That’s just the forum that counts how many times the link has been clicked :smile:


Sweet, thanks! Never would’ve guessed that.


Pro_Vapes did push this for quite a while. His dedication and persistence did not waiver. It was a fun working with you all I enjoyed it knowing we’re doing something to help out others ! I too will be using this list Bc I seen some flavors I still don’t have :wink:


This is seriously an awesome resource to have. Big thank you to @Pro_Vapes and everyone else involved.


Whoa, @Pro_Vapes sent me this link, you folks who had a hand in this deserve major kudos for a job well done. You ARE Amazing!

From a beginner, I want to thank you for this, it will make my DIY experience a positive one, unlike the last time I tried it. Doesn’t mean I won’t have questions, but it does give me a good starting point.

Thank you



You guys looked at LB flavorings yet? They state the fruits are a mix of natural and artificial flavorings and many of their flavorings are a mix of VG/PG. Looking forward to trying these out.


Just noticed something about the list that seems to be missing… some cereal. So many people seem to love the fruit loops, pebbles, etc type vapes. I’m not one of them, but have a friend that wants me to make him some, so I was looking through this list for the best to order.


Hmm, something else that is/was missing from this list was your input. I know nothing of cereal mixes, the only one im interested in is Frosted Flakes. Perhaps you can fill in the blanks for us. :smile:


There’s probably a lot missing. We posted flavors we were familiar with. We didn’t want to be guessing at what could be on the the list.

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Oh man, now you have me craving some peanut butter captain crunch juice I used to get all the time.


I definitely would’ve included Flavorah’s Cream . It’s the only flavor I have repurchased 4oz of so far. Just love it.


I was hooked on Charlie Nobel PB Cereal but have not found or made a good PB Cereal yet but would love to find one.

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So is this list still being updated? If so I would like to say that OoO Strawberry and OoO Watermelon are very good. Actually, so is their Wildberry Skittles and Strawberry Sour Belts. All deliver the flavor as expected. But you can’t go by their recommendations on their website. 10% Strawberry and Watermelon is ridiculously sweet and tart. But what I found was, they were still true to the flavor. Just super strong. I have a bunch more OoO flavors I haven’t had time to play with yet. But so far I like all of the ones I have tried.


The goal was never to make a complete list of all the good flavors… just some good popular starters for the noobs. This list could go on forever. Those that were interested from the start has weighed in on the list that will give the noobs a leg up.

Feel free to post any good flavors you like here or start a new thread.


I thought that was in another thread. I guess I am confused lol.

This and the list on my Google Drive have been updated to include a great list of tobacco flavors courtesy of @Jimk. Thanks Jim! It was definitely lacking in the tobacco area. :slightly_smiling:

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