Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid

Getting started in DIY can be an intimidating thing. There seems like a lot to know and there’s so much information available that it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed. The following links are collected together to help bring all the information you need to get started into one place. And remember, if you need help or something stumps you, just ask! We were all there at one point; chances are someone has had the same question and knows the answer.

Getting Started in DIY Guides

A beginner’s journey into DiY entirely, and starting with Mixing By Weight
The ELR User’s Guide
Another Guide for Using ELR

Flavors and Other Resources

Great Beginner’s Flavor Choices - sorted by company
ELR Resources Page - A great place for learning abbreviations, tips and tricks, where to buy, etc.
If you could only pick 8 Flavors thread - A good thread for picking beginner flavors
DIY Flavor Must Haves - Another great thread where people have shared their ‘must have’ flavors
HiC’s Recipe Flavor Breakdown - Known for great recipes, HiC’s list is good for picking flavors, especially from FlavourArt
Thread for ‘Starter Kits’ Suggestions - Work in Progress, but good ideas to get started with DIY gear
Fruit Flavor Combinations - A quick look at what pairs well with certain fruit flavors
Flavor Pairing - An in-depth look at flavor pairing through molecular gastronomy
More flavor pairing discussed on this forum!
DIY — The Vapers Table - An Australian-based site with excellent information (for everyone!) on DIY as well as hardware and all aspects of vaping
Vape Town UK has a nice intro to vaping. is the US government’s page. It does contain some useful info.

Creating Recipes

Definite Don’ts in DIY thread - Some great info from those who have been doing this awhile
A Great Recipe Creation Rundown by @LordVapor
A Beginner’s Guide to Making the Top 100 Recipes

Misc. Information

DIY E-liquid Safety - Nicotine is poison! Remember to be safe when handling anything containing nicotine, and keep it and supplies away from pets and children.
Clone Request Guidelines

Thanks to @daath, @NewDrip and the gang here for helping gather this information and making it available! :smile:

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Nicotine handling and care
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FLavour stash help
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Excellent job @JoJo!!!


One of the things i did was go to flavor pairing sites, culinary. Very helpful when trying to pair odd flavors, as are food recipe sites, especially for desserts.

Awesome info for the new DIYer! Thanks Jojo!


Thanks, but it was @NewDrip’s idea. I just smashed it all together. LOL :smile:


Absolutely amazing! Enough said!


Well bloody done darlin!

spot on you pretty covered everything, lots of little things tied together!

perfect i will smash this thread in my youtube video description tomorrow!


I love it JoJo nice job !


Im trying to get in to diy juice i was wondering if you could give me some tips oh how to get started with a kit if possible?


Welcome @Ace2607!

Depending on where you live there are many different options! So, where on the globe are you located?

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i live in the los angeles california area


Welcome to the DIY journey!

A lot of what you need can be purchased from somewhere like Amazon (scales, PG & VG, syringes, pipettes, bottles, etc.); the flavoring and nicotine are best purchased from a well known vendor, such as Ecigexpress, Bull City Vapor, Heartland, The Perfumers/Flavors Apprentice and the likes. Take a look around the resource pages here on ELR and use the search box on the forum to direct you to many post concerning getting started. Then, jump out there and post a new topic in Beginners for some serious helping hands! Lot of people here that will love to help.


Thank you so much @Jimk


My pleasure! And seriously, don’t be hesitant to post a question. The sooner you do, the faster you will be mixing your own juice!


Sweet very nice job

Great job putting all this together in one place! Thanks JoJo and all who contributed as well.

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My tip/s would be to start with 5 star recipes on this site or others that appeal to your tastes. Stick to the recipe percentages faithfully and the flavor suppliers as best you can. It makes a huge difference in some cases. Mix them and let them steep. Be patient as it will generally be rewarded. Do this a few times with a few recipes until you get the feel for it. Then go back and look at what you have made and think about what it was lacking or what was overdone and adjust the recipes accordingly. TAKE NOTES! Basically, practice until it becomes familiar. Then you will find yourself starting to come up with your own ideas. Don’t be afraid to fail! I have certainly created a couple of bottles of paint remover myself. :blush: ALSO I highly recommend dedicating one RDA to taste testing. I have evolved/devolved to a wickless 5 strand Mundy coil in a Magma RDA. I find that this gives me the clearest perspective on exactly what the juice tastes like. Use flavor chaser coils (with wicking) like the above in your other RDA’s. Use the Mundy, Diamond or Tri-coil and you will get the most enjoyment from the fruits of your labor. Good luck and enjoy!


Great recipe creation rundown/how-to by @LordVapor


Someone should remove the coupon code for Flavorah from the resource page. It expired at the end of 2015. I was 4 days too late…

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Thanks! I’ve contacted Flavorah - Most likely it will be renewed! Keep your eyes peeled :slight_smile: (What an odd expression :smile:)